WATCH: Sixers fans kept cheering for Lillard in Philly


Portland Trail Blazers star guard Damian Lillard, the apple of Sixers fans' collective eyes, took the court on Monday night in South Philly for an early-season matchup.

Many Sixers fans had dreams over the summer of Lillard spending entire seasons at the Wells Fargo Center, but for now Lillard is still playing for the Blazers and doesn't seem interested in asking out, while Ben Simmons is working back towards his season debut after a contentious summer.

But those realities weren't going to stop Sixers fans from using this opportunity to lobby for Lillard to strike out and make a play for Philly.

Sixers fans were extremely hospitable towards Lillard from the jump on Monday night, giving him a standing ovation during pregame introductions:

And then, during a trip to the foul line early in the game, Lillard received an individualized chant - while he's playing a road game!

Here's a very, very clear sound bite of Sixers fans chanting "We want Lillard!" in South Philly:

Shameless? Sure, a little. But fair? Entirely.

This summer was an absolute rollercoaster ride of emotions and "will they, won't they?" scenarios for fans, especially Sixers fans. Simmons scorned them, and now they want the best possible return for a guy who likely still doesn't want to be in Philadelphia.

Lillard is an unreal player and would be a perfect fit with Joel Embiid. The Sixers would be instant title contenders. Fans would be foolish *not* to want that.

But, for now, it's probably going to stay a pipe dream. So you'd might as well get used to rooting for the Sixers already on the team.