WATCH: Embiid goes viral for wedding dance hilarity


Joel Embiid is having a summer to remember.

As the Sixers reload for a legitimate run at a title next season, Embiid is clearly feeling good - about his team, and about life. 

Earlier this month he was hanging in the Hamptons with every single famous person who's ever existed, including teammate James Harden and new teammate P.J. Tucker. It looked like quite a scene.

But perhaps not as much of a scene as this past weekend, when Embiid went viral for dancing the hora and getting lifted up in a chair at a wedding.

Here's the big man living it up on the dance floor:

And here's a brief look at the crowd somehow lifting up a 7-foot, 280-pound man (and another person!) in a chair:

Just out here having a grand ol' time. I love it.

Embiid deserves to have this much fun in the summer. His 2021-22 season was hellacious, from dealing with never-ending questions about the Ben Simmons trade, to carrying the team on his back while shorthanded, to getting painfully injured during the postseason. It was brutal!

So it's great to see the big man smiling, laughing, and living life as he recharges the batteries for next season. Training camp is still a little more than two months away. Live it up, Jo!