WATCH: Maxey's offseason work will fire Sixers fans up


Tyrese Maxey took a gigantic leap in his second year as a Sixer, from promising young prospect to This Guy Can Hoop. Right now, as wild as it is to say with a back-to-back MVP runner-up on the roster, he might be the player Sixers fans are most excited about.

He improved his three-point percentage by a whopping 12.6% while keeping his two-point percentage exactly the same on significantly increased volume, more than doubling his minutes per game and nearly doubling his shot attempts per game.

It was a beautiful thing to watch in real time, a young star blooming right before our eyes.

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But he's still got stuff to work on, and if videos trickling out from famed basketball trainer Chris Johnson are any indication Maxey has his sights set on another big leap in Year 3.

Here's a clip of Maxey working on finishing through contact, a huge point of emphasis for next season:

We all know Maxey is a maestro when it comes to wizard-like finishes at the rim, and his numbers on drives last year are frankly mind blowing. He scored points on 80.3% of his drives last season, the most of any player with at least eight drives per game and fourth-most of any player with at least five drives per game behind only Karl-Anthony Towns, Joel Embiid, and Jaren Jackson Jr.

Maxey only averaged 8.9 drives per game, however, 68th-most in the league. He'd benefit from increased volume this year, and with increased volume will come a diversity of defenders - not just the ones he knows he can beat in a downhill battle.


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Maxey's also been working on something he started showing in the back half of the season, and that's creating separation in isolation to get better looks off the dribble, particularly from deep:

Maxey was a deadly catch-and-shoot guy last year from anywhere on the court, posting a 67.7% eFG% on those shots. Where he needs some work: pull-ups, which accounted for nearly 40% of his shots. Maxey posted a 47.6% eFG% on pull-ups, not a bad number but not the number you want from a superstar - which is clearly what he wants to be.

He also shot just 39.7% on shots at least 10 feet from the basket, with a defender between two and four feet away. Those are tough shots, and they're not routine (they accounted for just 12% of his shots last year) but they're often ones that appear in high-leverage situations like a half-court possession at the end of a close game, so Maxey working on beefing up his ability here is great to see.

Oh, and just a casual note that he's once again working out with LeBron James during the offseason:

The greater NBA world, just like Sixers fans, can see what Maxey's potential looks like. It's thrilling.

Can't wait to see what The Franchise has in store for Year 3.