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Orioles trade Manny Machado to Dodgers; here's what it means for Phillies

Orioles trade Manny Machado to Dodgers; here's what it means for Phillies

Updated: 10 p.m.

No Manny Machado for the Phillies ... this time.

The Dodgers beat the Phillies' offer — at least in the eyes of the Orioles, which is all that matters. L.A. on Wednesday traded top prospect Yusniel Diaz, Dean Kremer, Zach Pop, Rylan Bannon and Breyvic Valera to Baltimore for Machado, a free agent at season's end.

Diaz is a 21-year-old right-handed outfielder with power and plate selection the Dodgers signed out of Cuba for $15.5 million in 2015. 

The Phillies went after the former Orioles superstar aggressively and were willing to part with well-regarded prospects including right-hander Adonis Medina, but in the end, the win-now Dodgers were more willing to overpay for the best available player.

This does not, however, close the book on Machado eventually signing a long-term contract with the Phillies. Corey Seager is the Dodgers' franchise shortstop. He's out for the season with an elbow injury, which is why L.A. made this move. It makes sense for the Dodgers to overpay, it makes sense for them to go all-in given their sky-high payroll, with where they are in their window of contention and with how last October went.

We know that Machado wants to play shortstop. It's a big deal to him and it's where he feels most comfortable. He said this week in D.C. that money isn't the only factor for him this winter, that happiness is most important. If he gets similar offers and one of the teams is willing to let him play shortstop, that could make all the difference.

The Phillies will still pursue Machado this winter. Right now, however, their focus will shift to other available players on the trade market. There are still some nice players out there who could boost the left side of the Phillies' infield, their rotation or bullpen.

Check out the Phils' other options here. The Blue Jays, Royals, and even the Orioles still match up well in a trade. 

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Manny Machado trade update: Dodgers now seem to have edge over Phillies

Manny Machado trade update: Dodgers now seem to have edge over Phillies

Losing out to Los Angeles on two superstars in two months will be tough for Philly fans to take, but momentum now appears to be on the Dodgers' side in acquiring Manny Machado.

Barring a last-minute change, the Orioles are expected to trade Machado to the Dodgers on Wednesday, according to a report Tuesday by Bob Nightengale of USA TODAY Sports.

As our Jim Salisbury has reported, the Phillies have been awaiting an answer from the Orioles. They've been aggressive in pursuing Machado, but the Dodgers just have a prospect group that is perceived to be better.

Fancred's Jon Heyman reported Tuesday that Dodgers top prospect Yusniel Diaz, an outfielder, is part of their offer for Machado. Diaz was ranked by Baseball America as the 51st-best prospect in the game. He was a $15.5 million international free-agent signee out of Cuba in 2015.

Machado makes every bit as much sense for the Dodgers as he does the Phillies. The Dodgers are in clear win-now mode and their window won't remain open forever. Corey Seager, their superstar shortstop, is out for the season with an elbow injury. After a slow start, L.A. has caught fire and leads the NL West by a half-game over the Diamondbacks, two games over the Rockies and four over the Giants.

Acquiring Machado would be a clear separator for the Dodgers, not only in their division race but in the playoffs. It would make them the NL favorite after a World Series loss a year ago.

Obviously, this could be a ploy by the Orioles to get the Phillies to increase their offer. As Salisbury first reported, the Phils are willing to include No. 2 prospect Adonis Medina.

But the O's are in a position where they need to feel like they've won the trade. They waited way too long to break up their core and face a painful near future because of it. They have a weak farm system that needs to be bolstered in the trade of their best asset, Machado.

And while the Phillies do have depth in terms of talented young pitchers, Baltimore could see a higher ceiling with a player like Diaz. Quantity vs. quality is always a topic when it comes to midseason trades and teams often veer toward the higher-quality package.

This isn't over yet though, folks. These trade talks are extremely fluid and the Phillies have the clear desire to land the trade deadline's biggest fish.

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Manny Machado just wants a trade to be made already

Manny Machado just wants a trade to be made already

Manny Machado heard the "We want Manny" chants from Phillies fans when the Orioles came to town the first week of July, and he was asked about it on Monday during his media session several hours before the Home Run Derby. 

“Philly. I did hear that nice ovation when I was there," he told reporters. "That was pretty awesome.”

Machado was asked all of the usual questions. What's your priority in free agency? Where would you want to go ideally? Are you eager for a deal to be done?

"Definitely, 100 percent," he responded to that last one. "Get it over with already and not answer these questions anymore."

The widespread perception is that, wherever he lands this month, Machado will receive multiple humongous offers in free agency. Offers nearing or exceeding $300 million.

Most athletes would say this, but for Machado, it's about more than dolla-dolla bills.

"Money doesn't bring happiness," he said. "What's gonna make me happy? Being happy. As long as everything comes together for my wife and my family."

And not that it needed any reinforcement, but it's abundantly clear that Machado wants to play shortstop. That will likely play a large role in where he signs this winter.

"I'm the player I am today because of [the Orioles]," he said. "They gave me the opportunity to go back to shortstop, where my heart was. I will forever be grateful."

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