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The Ben Simmons 3-point prediction you have to see to believe

The Ben Simmons 3-point prediction you have to see to believe

This is the kind of real-time analysis and potentially profitable advice you can get only on NBC Sports BetCast.

On last night's BetCast of the Sixers-Knicks game — an alternative sports betting-focused 76ers broadcast — our betting expert Brad Feinberg basically called the Ben Simmons three-pointer.

Mere seconds before Simmons made his first career three in an NBA regular-season game, Feinberg said this to co-hosts Marc Farzetta and Anthony Gargano.

By the way guys, if you're feeling frisky, Ben Simmons is getting 14-to-1 to make his first NBA three tonight."

Farzetta and Anthony Gargano laughed, and about three seconds of game-time later, Simmons hit his trey and the crowd went crazy.

The best part is that Feinberg, Farzy and Gargano were in such shock that the celebration was delayed. They, like all of us, had to process what they just saw. (It's just one three, but if you've been on Simmons for not even attempting one, you have to also acknowledge how big a step it was.) 

Check out the video above and be on the lookout for upcoming NBC Sports BetCasts of Sixers games. Here is the remaining schedule. These games are all on NBC Sports Philadelphia, while the BetCast airs on NBC Sports Philadelphia+.

• Monday, Dec. 2 at 7 pm vs. Utah Jazz

• Tuesday, Dec. 10 at 7 pm vs. Denver Nuggets

• Friday, Dec. 13 at 7 pm vs. New Orleans Pelicans

• Monday, Jan. 6 at 7 pm vs. Oklahoma City Thunder

• Friday, Feb. 7 at 7 pm vs. Memphis Grizzlies

• Sunday, Feb. 9 at 6 pm vs. Chicago Bulls

• Monday, Feb. 24 at 7 pm vs. Atlanta Hawks

• Thursday, Feb. 27 at 7pm vs. New York Knicks

• Wednesday, March 18 at 7 pm vs. Toronto Raptors

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NBC Sports Philadelphia betting expert Brad Feinberg gives perspective on unprecedented 2019 Kentucky Derby ending

USA Today Images/Jamie Rhodes

NBC Sports Philadelphia betting expert Brad Feinberg gives perspective on unprecedented 2019 Kentucky Derby ending

If you bet on Maximum Security, a 9/2 favorite, to win the 2019 Kentucky Derby on Saturday night, you were feeling pretty good about yourself.

But soon, things shifted drastically.

After a riders' complaint, the race was reviewed and Maximum Security was ruled to have impeded other horses' progress. 65/1 long shot Country House was named the winner. It was the first time in the Derby's 145-year history that the horse who finished first was disqualified. 

NBC Sports Philadelphia's betting expert Brad Feinberg gave some insight into the unusual race and the devastating emotions for those who bet significant money on Maximum Security. 

"It's the worst feeling in the world," Feinberg said in a phone conversation Saturday night. "It can feel like a borderline death in the family."

Feinberg thought the race would likely put many bettors on "tilt," or more likely to make an unwise bet to get back the money back they believed they'd won. 

He also raised the question of bettors who may have ripped up their tickets for Country Horse immediately after the conclusion of the race.

"I guarantee there were some," he said. 

Though the ending of the 2019 Derby was unprecedented, Feinberg recalled a number of similar instances across sports. 

He remembered the highly controversial Gold Medal Game for men's basketball at the 1972 Munich Olympics, when it twice appeared the United States had beaten the Soviet Union. The game was ultimately decided after an official protest by the United States, with FIBA ruling 3-2 against the Americans.

Other comparable events that came to mind for Feinberg were incorrect scorecards changing the apparent fate of major golf tournaments. Instead of entering a playoff, Roberto De Vicenzo lost the 1968 Masters by one stroke. 

Feinberg also recalled "The Bluegrass Miracle," a 2002 college football game between Kentucky and LSU. Kentucky looked like the winners — head coach Guy Moriss had already received a Gatorade bath. Then LSU won on a 75-yard Hail Mary from quarterback Marcus Randall to wide receiver Devery Henderson.

"You feel like you were cheated," Feinberg said. "It seems like everyone is against you."

NBC Sports Philadelphia betting expert Brad Feinberg wins big on Saints' NFC Championship Game loss

NBC Sports Philadelphia betting expert Brad Feinberg wins big on Saints' NFC Championship Game loss

Eagles fans weren't the only ones thrilled to see the Saints knocked out of the NFL playoffs Sunday.

Our betting expert Brad Feinberg didn't mind, either, as he cashed in on the Rams' 26-23 OT win over the Saints in the NFC Championship Game.

With New Orleans falling short of hoisting the Lombardi Trophy, Feinberg made $57,500 because, during the week, he sold his $8,000 ticket on the Saints winning the Super Bowl. (Technically, Feinberg made $49,500 because he put down $8,000 for the initial wager.)

"Before the year, I had three huge futures. I followed these three teams like the way adults follow their kids," Feinberg said Sunday night in a phone interview with NBC Sports Philadelphia. "The Saints were my biggest future, the Rams were my second-biggest future and the Chiefs were my third-biggest future. I followed these three teams an insane amount. I watched every snap of theirs all year. These three bets, I literally followed all year and was trying to manage them.

"I had a much bigger position on New Orleans than I did the other teams. I did think New Orleans would win the game, I really did, but I didn't want to have as much of an overexposure on New Orleans as I did. So I was like, 'You know what, if I can sell this ticket and make myself more even, I don't need to be a hero.'"

Via PropSwap, Feinberg sold the ticket to FOX Sports 1 "Lock It In" co-hosts Clay Travis and "Cousin Sal" Iacono.

Yeah, they're not too happy.

Feinberg sure is happy with the result of his decision and you can see him Monday at 6 p.m. on NBC Sports Philadelphia's "Quick Slants" and Fridays at 6 p.m. on "The Daily Line."

I was able to sell that ticket. Because with numbers like that, sometimes it's not easy to unload those kind of big plays, but I was fortunate that PropSwap was able to find a buyer.

It's easier said than done because that's a pretty big … I had to have the biggest ticket in the United States before the year, I'm pretty sure on that.

I always try to look at the process, not the result. I think those guys made a good decision to buy the ticket, they got the best number you were going to get in the world. It didn't work out for them, but it doesn't mean it was a bad decision; it was just a bad result.

The Saints didn't punch their Super Bowl ticket.

And Feinberg won't forget the ticket he ditched to cash in on it.

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