Joel Embiid sends epic tweet to LeBron James

Joel Embiid sends epic tweet to LeBron James

Joel Embiid didn't wait long to start his LeBron James recruitment.

And he added some juice to the sales pitch.

As the Warriors were finishing off a four-game NBA Finals sweep of James' Cavaliers on Friday night, Embiid took to his beloved Twitter account for his initial lob to the King.

Embiid, the social media aficionado, put a cherry on top with a money reference to a certain current event many of which are familiar.

Well done, JoJo.

As all of Philadelphia knows — and the entire NBA world, for that matter — James has the option to opt out of his contract this summer and become a free agent.

Embiid, Ben Simmons and the Sixers are an attractive option if James desires a new destination.

When Embiid was asked by TMZ the other night if he wanted James to join the process, the Sixers' big man shrugged and said, "I'm not the GM."

But Embiid sure can tweet — he reminded us once again Friday night.

Let's see if this little birdy makes its way to the King's throne.

Joel Embiid finally comments on Bryan Colangelo's departure


Joel Embiid finally comments on Bryan Colangelo's departure

NBA fans everywhere had their eyes on Joel Embiid's social media accounts once the news of Bryan Colangelo's departure from the Sixers' organization broke.

What would Joel say? How would he roast the departed president of basketball operations he poked fun at just a couple of days prior in a hilarious tweet.

But the tweets never came.

TMZ caught up with Embiid and got him to comment on Colangelo's departure. His take was measured rather than celebratory.

"He was a great guy. He did a great job for us, so I wish him luck," Embiid said. 

The TMZ camera person also asked Joel if Colangelo's departure meant the process was starting over. Any longtime Sixers fan would be able to predict Embiid's answer to that.

"The process is never starting over and it's never going to be over," Embiid told them. "There's a process for everything. It takes a lot to get where you wanna go and that's the process."'

"So, it's never gonna be over, it's never gonna restart."

You can watch the full interaction below.

'Game of Zones' torches Bryan Colangelo and his 5 'burner ravens'


'Game of Zones' torches Bryan Colangelo and his 5 'burner ravens'

Now that the Twitter travesty that was Bryan Colangelo's demise in Philadelphia is behind us, we can point and laugh with a little less guilt.

The final installment of this season's Game of Zones from the folks at Bleacher Report dropped today and it has plenty of Colangelo digs.

Early on there is a nod to the Jahlil Okafor and Nik Stauskas trade which is good fod a chuckle.

But the real genious creativity comes when Colangelo, sitting up high in his castle with high collars, has five "burner ravens" playing the role of burner accounts, telling him niceties. 

"Tatum's ceiling is still lower than Fultz," one raven says.

"Bryan, you're so attractive. Jahlil failed his physical," says another.

It even includes a real Joel Embiid tweet.

Watch the madness begin around the 4:55 mark below.