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Eagles used ring ceremony to right an organizational wrong

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Eagles used ring ceremony to right an organizational wrong

Just when you thought the Eagles couldn’t have done any better with their handling of the Super Bowl rings … it turns out they could and did. 

Apparently, the Eagles used the ring ceremony to right an organizational wrong. 

OK, that’s pretty cool. 

Brianna’s aunt is Carol Wilson, who did indeed work for the Eagles for a really long time. In the 2012 media guide, she was listed as the “Executive Assistant to Head Coach.” 

The Eagles have worked tirelessly over the past few years to clean up Chip Kelly’s mess and this is just the latest example. 

There were plenty of well-wishers after the tweet gained traction. It shows how much everyone else in the organization thought of Aunt Carol. 

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Doug Pederson, again, shows his selfless nature

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Doug Pederson, again, shows his selfless nature

Eagles head coach Doug Pederson recently sat down with Ron Jaworski and Brian Baldinger for an NFL Films study session about the Eagles’ use of the run-pass option. 

The whole video is pretty good and it’s worth checking out. 

The thing that really caught my attention, though, was how quick Pederson was to credit his predecessor with one element that has made the Eagles’ RPOs so successful around the 5:30 mark. 

It started when Baldy brought up a good point. If a running back doesn’t get the handoff at the mesh point, he needs to get the heck out of the way. “The last thing you want is any indecision from the back,” Baldy said as the two looked at Darren Sproles get out of the way on an RPO against the Giants. 

Pederson immediately agreed. 

“So one of the things we do with our backs and this is something I learned being around Duce, being around guys who were with Chip Kelly,” Pederson said. “One of the things the backs always did, they disengage. They go through their footwork, ‘oh I don’t get the ball,’ now we disengage and we stay out of the way, stay out of the play.”

This shows how little ego Pederson really has and it’s not the first time we’ve seen this from him. Pederson doesn’t care where a good idea comes from. 

He’s acknowledged plenty of times that Kelly brought good things to the Eagles. That includes plenty of the sports science program, several assistant coaches and personnel members and concepts in the offense. In fact, at the owners meetings earlier this offseason, Pederson explained how he used a mesh concept brought from Kelly in the Super Bowl. 

Ironically, one thing Kelly didn’t bring to the table with the Eagles was a selfless approach — the very thing that has allowed Pederson to use all the other good stuff long after Kelly has been ousted from the NFL. 

It goes beyond Chip, though. Pederson is always willing to listen to outside voices. Ultimately, the decisions are his, but everyone has a voice. That included Frank Reich and it will include Mike Groh this year. And it includes his players; think back to the Super Bowl when he basically let Nick Foles call one of the gutsiest players in NFL history. 

It’s Pederson's football team, but a good idea is a good idea. Ego doesn’t factor. 

DeSean Jackson latest to rip Chip Kelly

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DeSean Jackson latest to rip Chip Kelly

Four years after his Eagles release, DeSean Jackson still bears the scar from his rift with Chip Kelly. The veteran wide receiver won’t even mention his former head coach.

Other than to point out he’s a major crackpot.

TMZ Sports ambushed Jackson at an airport this week, where they conducted a wide-ranging interview in less than 60 seconds. Among the topics broached was Kelly’s new job as head coach at UCLA, but the three-time Pro Bowl selection wasn’t hearing it.

“Oh, no, we don’t even talk about that dude,” Jackson says, cutting the interviewer off. “He’s a weirdo. He’s a big-time weirdo.”

It wasn’t the first time Jackson declined to discuss the controversial coach. Whatever issues that existed between the two, he’s generally kept Kelly’s name out of his mouth since his Eagles departure.

Jackson doesn’t really need to comment. Since his release in 2014 – a move that was reportedly made at Kelly’s insistence – the Tampa Bay Buccaneers wideout has eclipsed 1,000 yards receiving twice, and signed two expensive contracts.

After pushing for Jackson’s release, Kelly amassed an 18-29 record, got fired from two jobs, and left the NFL with his tail between his legs, returning to college football.

Jackson clearly came out of this feud on top, and he’s not the only former Eagle pushed out by Kelly who feels vindicated.

Never one to shy away from criticizing Kelly, running back LeSean McCoy – traded to the Buffalo Bills in 2015 – likely summed up the feelings of Jackson and several others back in January.

“I got a lot of love for Philadelphia now that the little short coach is with the kids where he belongs,” McCoy said on NFL Network, via ProFootballTalk.