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Cre'Von LeBlanc, De'Vante Bausby, Deiondre' Hall explain stories behind their unusual names

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Cre'Von LeBlanc, De'Vante Bausby, Deiondre' Hall explain stories behind their unusual names

The White Fox, 90s R&B group Jodeci and a mission trip to Peru are all linked by one little mark of punctuation.

De’Vante Bausby, Deiondre’ Hall and Cre’Von LeBlanc have a few things in common. They’re all defensive backs who weren’t on the initial 53-man roster, they were all teammates in Chicago before they came to Philadelphia and they’re the only three players in the Eagles’ locker room with apostrophes in their first names.

“It just adds a little flavor to your name,” Hall said with a smile.

In this hard-hitting investigative piece, we talked to all three defensive backs about their unusual names and uncovered some gems:

Cre’Von LeBlanc
LeBlanc has been with the Eagles since Nov. 5, when he was claimed off waivers. He didn’t actually give too much thought to his name until recently.

LeBlanc, 24, said his pastor sent him a video of him preaching last Sunday. The pastor was asking members of the congregation if they knew what their names meant. LeBlanc didn’t, so he looked it up.

“The story behind my name,” LeBlanc said. “Well, the meaning of ‘Cre’Von’ actually means fox. And my last name is LeBlanc, so that means white. … The White Fox.”

A simple Google search shows the name Crevon is derived from the Irish Crevan, which means Fox. So there’s some pieced together truth to what LeBlanc said.

As far as why he was named Cre’Von, LeBlanc said his dad is Craig LeBlanc Sr. and his brother is Craig LeBlanc Jr., and his mother wanted to keep the initials the same.

As for the apostrophe? That’s just a little tool to help folks know how to pronounce it.

De’Vante Bausby
“So there’s this group back in the 90s, real big, called Jodeci,” Bausby said. “You got K-Ci, JoJo and DeVante. It was a guy named DeVante in the group. My mom liked the name and she kind of rode with it. That’s not his real name, that’s his stage name. He kind of made that name up. Any DeVante you know is 26 or younger. You won’t find any DeVantes older than that. I think that’s factual. You can look that up.”

OK, so I looked that up, at least in the football world, by doing a search for the name “DeVante” on Pro-Football-Reference. It turned up six names, all were 25 or younger. Maybe you’re right, De’Vante.

De’Vante Harris (25), CB, Tampa Bay
Devante Bond (25), DE, Tampa Bay
Devante Downs (23), LB, Vikings
Devante Mays (24), RB, Packers
DeVante Parker (25), WR, Dolphins
DeVante Wilson (25), DE

But on that list only De’Vante Harris from the Bucs has the apostrophe. Bausby thought his mother copied the name exactly, but Donald Earl DeGrate (AKA DeVante Swing), didn’t use an apostrophe.

Deiondre’ Hall
Hall’s apostrophe is the most unique because it’s just kind of hanging out there on the end of his first name. He explained that his godmother named him, but his grandmother always tried to call him “Dee-ahn-druh” and the apostrophe is supposed to accent the “aye” at the end of his name.

Hall wasn’t so particular about using the apostrophe until just before his senior year of high school when he made a mission trip to Lima, Peru. (He has also made a mission trip to Jamaica since then.) In order for everything to be passport-official, the apostrophe needed to be there.

“Literally ever since then, going into my senior year of high school,” Hall said, “I’ve had that on the end.”

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Eagles Mailbag: Will Malcolm Jenkins be Eagles Hall of Famer?

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Eagles Mailbag: Will Malcolm Jenkins be Eagles Hall of Famer?

We answered half of your questions yesterday, so it’s time for the other half today. 

Let’s just hop right in: 

This is an interesting question that I hadn’t really thought about before. But I think he will be in the Eagles’ Hall of Fame. I think he deserves it. 

This is Jenkins’ fifth season with the Eagles and he’s under contract for two more; he hasn’t slowed down and might actually finish that contract. Jenkins has been a Pro Bowler twice in those years and, to me, has been the Eagles' second-most important defensive player over the last few years. It goes Fletcher Cox and then Jenkins. And then there are all the intangibles. He’s the leader of that defense and after Carson Wentz went down last year, became the leader of the Super Bowl team. 

But this got me thinking. Which players on this roster are going to be Eagles’ Hall of Famers. It’s tough. Here’s my short list: Jenkins, Wentz, Nick Foles, Jason Peters, Jason Kelce, Zach Ertz, Cox. That’s probably too many, but this is the first Super Bowl team in franchise history. 

I do. Fans look at it as a win over a terrible team, but the Eagles look at it as a complete team win over a division opponent. So much of this game is about confidence. The Eagles have more of it now. They are starting to feel like the team that was so special last year. 

Howie Roseman is going to look around for a running back that might help, but I’d argue that’s not even the Eagles’ biggest need right now. I’d put defensive tackle, safety and maybe even receiver ahead of running back. I think there’s a good chance the Eagles bring in a player, I’m just not convinced it’s going to be a running back. And I definitely don’t think it’ll be Le’Veon Bell or Shady. Sorry for you dreamers. 

I thought Douglas did pretty well, especially after being thrust into that spot without much practice time. That’s tough. As far as Deiondre’ Hall, I’m not sure. The Eagles obviously liked him enough to pull off a trade for him, but it’s been a little telling they haven’t tried him on defense yet. Of course, he probably doesn’t know the defense super well yet, but the Eagles have now put two corners back there instead of him. Maybe they simply view him as a special teams player.  

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Underrated Rasul Douglas get his 1st taste of safety

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Underrated Rasul Douglas get his 1st taste of safety

Eagles fans who’ve been clamoring to see Rasul Douglas at safety got their wish Thursday night.

With good results.

Douglas, who’s been exclusively the Eagles’ third outside cornerback his two years here, got his first taste of safety Thursday night during the Eagles’ 34-13 win over the Giants at MetLife Stadium.

With Rodney McLeod out for the year with a knee injury and Corey Graham inactive with a hamstring injury, the Eagles were already down two defensive backs for the Giants.

That number increased to three when Sidney Jones suffered a hamstring injury late in the first quarter.

That’s when Douglas – who hadn’t played or practiced at safety since he was at West Virginia — became the Eagles’ newest free safety.

“I’ll play any position,” Douglas said. “Snapper, it doesn’t matter. If I’m helping the team win, it doesn’t matter.”

Douglas wound up playing 42 snaps and held his own. 

“I’ve been taking mental reps since last year,” Douglas said. “Been watching (Malcolm) Jenkins and Rodney and always like to see what they do just so when I’m at corner I know how they’re going to help me and things like that.

“But maybe a week ago I started playing around on scout team and took some reps.”

But defensive reps?

“Maybe three?”

This is how the Eagles won a Super Bowl last year. Guys coming off the bench to replace injured teammates with little or no drop-off.

That became the personality of the team, and Douglas was part of it when he started four games — all wins -— in place of injured Ronald Darby.

Howie Roseman likes drafting defensive backs who have both safety and cornerback skills, and defensive backs coach Cory Undlin cross-trains all his guys to play anywhere.

“Sidney goes down and Rasul is back at safety, who got zero reps, and he performed well, didn’t have any mental errors,” Jenkins said. “That’s not easy at all.

“The gameplan required him to make a lot of calls and he did well to come in in that situation.”

At one point, Jalen Mills left the game, and Tre Sullivan came in at safety and Douglas moved to corner for three snaps.

It was that kind of day. But the young secondary held up well.

“Rasul is a guy that we can plug in anywhere,” Mills said. “We’ve done it in practice, (now) we did it in a game. As far as what position, he can play all four of them.”

Douglas is a really underrated young defensive back.

He’s got a couple interceptions already in limited playing time, and he’s one of those guys who never complains, no matter what his role, no matter how much or how little he plays, no matter what he’s asked to do.

He’s going to be a starter at some point. Right now, he’s a big piece of the puzzle.

It looks like Jones might miss a game or two, and the Eagles have some other options when Maddox moves to the slot. Sullivan is a natural safety and could wind up at free safety, and Deiondre’ Hall is also on the roster.

“Going forward we've got to get everybody prepared,” Doug Pederson said. “Rasul is capable, obviously, we've seen that. But we also have guys now with Tre being active and Deiondre' Hall and guys that we can begin to really coach up with the amount of time we have before (the Panthers game).”

Sullivan and Hall are safeties by trade, but the way Douglas hung in there at a new position is going to make that decision an interesting one.

“It’s cool back there,” Douglas said. “It’s just angles. When you’re coming downhill, the angles are way different than at corner.

“At corner, the play is right there, and just make the tackle. At safety, guy’s running and you’ve got to know where the linebacker’s at and adjust off of it and I’ve got to improve on that, and when I do that I’ll be fine.”

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