From Simmons to Jah, Sixers' favorite Halloween costumes

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From Simmons to Jah, Sixers' favorite Halloween costumes

HOUSTON — Before they were preparing for NBA games in October, the Sixers were getting ready for Halloween. Take a look back at their favorite costumes, from kids to adults.

Nik Stauskas
"The last time I dressed up for Halloween, I was about nine years old and I dressed up as Allen Iverson. I was a huge A.I. fan. I was in Chicago for a basketball tournament and we decided we were going to go trick-or-treating anyway. I had the Allen Iverson jersey, I had a full Sixers tear-away warmup suit. Of course, I wore the black NBA headband. I wasn't able to braid the hair but that was my outfit. I was obsessed. I was a huge Allen Iverson fan. I'd much rather be Allen Iverson than dress up as a clown or a scary person, so that was my thing."

Ben Simmons
"The last time I dressed up was in college and I was 'The Flash.' I was watching the TV show at the time. I just bought it, I didn't have enough time to make it. We went to a party … (Halloween) is not big in Australia. People don't really do it like that. I always saw it on TV."

Amir Johnson
"I was a California Raisin as a kid. I think my grandmother or mother got me that. I was one single raisin. Then I remember being a (Teenage Mutant) Ninja Turtle. My mother took toilet paper rolls and kind of made nunchucks out of that. We just couldn't afford it and improvised. Thinking about when I was a kid, those were my two favorites. As I got older, then I started getting into scary stuff and weird, gory masks. I had a movie artist come in and paint me as a zombie (in Toronto)."

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Jahlil Okafor
"I dressed up as the Power Rangers, the Red Ranger. I just loved the TV show, as simple as that. I was five or six (years old) maybe. I went out with my family. I was the only one that wanted to be a Power Ranger."

Richaun Holmes
"I never dressed up for Halloween. I don't like dressing up. Halloween's like any other day to me. We watched scary movies (growing up), that was about it. I don't really mess with it like that, there's too much weird stuff going on. Halloween's not really my thing."

Justin Anderson
"My rookie year, I was Nelly for Deron Williams' party. I looked just like him. Had the band-aid with the tank top, chain with diamonds in it. I had the two headbands. When he had two headbands, he made that cool."


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Anderson dressed up as a Spartan the following year for another Mavericks team party.

W i l l i e ' s H o l l o w e e n P a r t y.

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