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Jason Kelce vs. Alex Ovechkin: A battle for parade glory

Jason Kelce vs. Alex Ovechkin: A battle for parade glory

By now, you’ve probably seen Alexander Ovechkin’s parade speech in Washington after the Capitals finally won a Stanley Cup. 

If you haven’t, it was pretty good. 

It got us thinking, though … was it better than Jason Kelce’s speech? And if it wasn’t, how close was it? 

Well, we’ll break it down by five different categories, keeping in mind this is about an inexact a science as there is and most Philadelphians would go Kelce and most folks from D.C. would obvi pick Ovie. 

Anyway, here it goes: 


OK, so this is a layup for Kelce, who rocked a ridiculous green Mummers costume. Check out how he ended up in that costume here. It was really a perfect nod to the city that had waited so long for that exact parade. 

Nothing wrong with Ovie’s attire. But he just wore his No. 8 jersey. There were probably 100,000 fans at the parade wearing the same exact thing. 

Advantage: Kelce


It’s hard to imagine Kelce getting outdone here, but Ovechkin said: “Hold my beer.” Actually, he said, “Give me that beer back.” I mean, have you seen all the videos of Ovechkin from the last week? I don’t think that man has been sober since the Cup was handed to him. He was doing keg stands out of the Stanley Cup!

Advantage: Ovie


English obviously isn’t Ovechkin’s first language, but that just added to the charm of his speech. “We’re not gonna be f------ suck this year!” That’s an all-timer. Really great stuff. 

The problem is that Kelce went on a full-on rant. The hungry dogs stuff, bringing up his teammates and his coach and his GM. Ovie put up a good fight, but this is a no-brainer. 

Advantage: Kelce 

Pure joy

Kelce was great, but you could actually argue that his speech was more intense than it was joyous. Go back and listen to the end of Ovechkin’s short speech. That yell is crazy. That’s the essence of pure joy. It’s at this time we’d like to point out that this category might be tied to one from earlier in the list. 

Advantage: Ovie

Use of a curse word

Ovie obviously didn’t have a super long speech like Kelce, but his F-bomb was pretty good and we already talked about its charm. 

But Kelce put on a master class in the use of a swear word.

Dressed in his Mummers outfit, Kelce was impassioned through the whole speech, but he let it build up to his first F-bomb of a few. Kelce actually said 399 words before cursing. When he did, it was like what happens to a soda after shaking it up and popping the tab. 

"You know who the biggest underdog is? It's y'all, Philadelphia. For 52 years, y'all have been waiting for this. You want to talk about underdog? You want to talk about a hungry dog? For the last 52 years, you have been starved of this championship. Everybody wonders why we're so mean. Everybody wonders why the Philadelphia Eagles don't have the nicest fans. If I don't eat breakfast, I'm f------ pissed off!

Advantage: Kelce 

Final Score: Kelce 3, Ovie 2

A nice showing from one of the greatest hockey players in the world, but he was unable to take down the Eagles’ center. 

Eagles practice far from its typical scene

Eagles practice far from its typical scene

It was anything but a normal day at the NovaCare Complex.

Upon entering the main gate Wednesday, extra security was everywhere to make sure each person was cleared to be on the grounds as more local and national media converged than we’ve seen since the day Michael Vick arrived.

You could tell the team spent plenty of time Tuesday at practice discussing how to handle the flood of journalists it was anticipating. When head coach Doug Pederson stepped to the podium to meet the masses, he made it immediately clear he was not here to discuss, in detail, why the team was disinvited to the White House (see story)

A few hours later when the locker room doors opened after practice, many players decided to disappear instead of facing questions. I can’t tell you the last time I saw so many players huddled in the trainer’s room or the player’s lounge. But the few who decided to face the music were the obvious ones like Malcolm Jenkins, who normally speaks so eloquently on social injustice and police brutality. However, he picked Wednesday to let his written words on cards express his opinions on the numerous questions and issues of why the team never met President Donald Trump (see story).

Zach Ertz stated he was disappointed but holds no ill will towards Fox News for the picture it inaccurately used of him kneeling (see story).

Brandon Brooks chose every word carefully when describing his views on the White House drama.

And to me, Jason Kelce, who has become quite the public speaker this year, gave the quote of the day when he said: “I didn’t win the Super Bowl to go to the White House."

The one team official I wanted to hear from was owner Jeff Lurie, who was not available to the media but made himself very visible walking around at practice.

And to think it was just days ago that we would go to Eagles practices to keep a close eye on Carson Wentz’s rehab and watch players develop. Now, whether they like it or not, the Eagles are at the center of a political firestorm. In due time, they’ll get back to just football. Players will be more than willing to talk again about trying to make the team and the chances of repeating as champions.

That day will come soon enough ... just not now.

Travis Kelce reveals Jason's new custom Super Bowl bling


Travis Kelce reveals Jason's new custom Super Bowl bling

Jason Kelce was in the news yesterday for saying he and his Eagles teammates are still a bunch of hungry dogs and that a repeat is the new goal.

In case you didn't believe him, his brother says there is concrete proof that the underdog thing isn't going anywhere anytime soon.

As long as he doesn't lose his new Rolex.

Jason's brother Travis, an outspoken tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs, was a guest of Desus & Mero to talk about a whole lot of stuff. Naturally, his world champion brother came up.

Travis was in Minnesota for Super Bowl LII and got to watch his brother reach the pinnacle. Travis was also somewhat in awe of the bling his bro got himself to commemorate it.

"He got the [underdog] mask engraved in the [Rolex]. The thing is, my brother doesn't do anything. He's like a caveman. So for him to come out of nowhere and get a Rollie with that kind of... I was just like 'WHAT'."

The Ohio native also has some LeBron takes.

"If there's one city I think he would go to, if he does go somewhere it'd be either Philly or New York," Kelce said.

You can watch the entire wide-ranging interview below.

*Warning* There is plenty of adult language throughout the entire video below **