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Did Jerry Jones actually root for Eagles in Super Bowl?

Did Jerry Jones actually root for Eagles in Super Bowl?

It wasn't long ago when Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said he was screaming into his pillow about the Eagles' being in the Super Bowl while his team was at home. 

But it turns out, he did the unthinkable a month ago. 

He rooted for the Eagles. 

"As much as we have the rivalry that we have, and as frustrating as it was for the Cowboys not to be playing, as much as all of that, I was proud of them, given that narrow set of circumstances, could root for them," Jones said last week to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. "That takes it right down to just absolutely no choice, you either do or you die. And I want to go again."

Like the Eagles in 2017, the Cowboys were the No. 1 seed in the 2016 NFC playoffs, but they were bounced in the divisional round. The Cowboys followed up their 13-3 season with a disappointing 9-7 mark. 

Jones said the Eagles' Super Bowl victory has put more pressure on the Cowboys, who haven't won a Super Bowl since 1995 and haven't made it past the divisional round since then. 

During the 2017 season, the Cowboys eventually ended up losing Ezekiel Elliott during his six-game suspension that hung over the team all year, and they had middle linebacker Sean Lee for just 11 games. The Eagles, of course, lost their starting quarterback, left tackle, middle linebacker, running back, special teams ace and kicker. 

"So just the fact that they did it the way they did it, really for me it sure eliminates one of the real excuses," Jones said. "You can say that you just can’t have the kind of depth, but they didn’t have necessarily that kind of depth but they had enough that they shifted some of the ability of the team to execute their parts where they had their regulars, and we didn’t do that."

Jerry Jones is miserable and it's hilarious

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Jerry Jones is miserable and it's hilarious

Just when you thought you couldn't possibly enjoy this Eagles' Super Bowl victory any more, do you have any idea how miserable it's making Cowboys owner Jerry Jones?

The answer: Really miserable. 

“The muffled voice you have been hearing is me screaming in my pillow over not being here and seeing Philadelphia,” Jones said last Saturday at NFL Honors to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

That reaction was actually before the Eagles pulled off the upset 41-33 win over the Patriots at U.S. Bank Stadium, so it doesn't seem likely that Jones is over this just yet. 

Eagles wideout Torrey Smith's reaction to Jones' quote is probably pretty similar to most Eagles fans:

The Cowboys have not won a Super Bowl since the 1995 season. They have one playoff win in the last eight seasons. Despite finishing with a 13-3 record last year, they were bounced in the divisional round and failed to get to the playoffs this year. 

“Did I look comfortable this year around the NFL?” Jones said to the Star-Telegram. “I’m just as uncomfortable about this. I really do naturally look to change. I really do look to change.”

The good news for Jones is his beautiful AT&T Stadium will play host to the NFL Draft this spring. The bad news for him is that when the Eagles are on the clock with the 32nd pick, they'll be introduced as Super Bowl champions. 

Jerry Jones can't remember Nick Foles' name

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Jerry Jones can't remember Nick Foles' name

This is a fun little video of Dallas Cowboys owner talking about the Philadelphia Eagles and their run to the Super Bowl.

Reporters caught up with Jerry Jones at the Senior Bowl this week.

"I'm just impressed with how they've addressed and overcome injuries," Jones told reporters.

"You can't do what I do and not understand the challenge it is to adjust and come up with a different way to use personal and win games. They did it. That's their story and it's worthy of recognition."

But you can apparently do what he does and not know NFL players' names. It's when he gets to the point about the Eagles' backup quarterback that things go a little off the rails.

"Certainly for them to have one of the outstanding players in the playoffs in that quarterback, who was in fact their backup quarterback, that is real impressive and encouraging."

"They put a group of guys together and were inspired and had a great record while they had their young quarterback, then he turns around, what's-his-name, Kolb... Folk..."

That's when reporters chime in with, "Foles."

"Foles, I'm sorry," Jones says.

Nick Folk was the Cowboys kicker from 2007-2009 and Kevin Kolb was an Eagles backup QB for a couple of years there. But nope.

Can't blame him, I guess. Perhaps he slept through Foles' 4 for 11 performance on New Year's Eve like the rest of us. Maybe somebody can get Jones a copy of this week's Sports Illustrated with Foles on the cover.

He added that he was proud that an NFC East team was in the Super Bowl but as the Cowboys owner, he wouldn't pick a side in the big game.