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Eagles' Lane Johnson talks social distancing workout recovery, Netflix's 'Tiger King'

Eagles' Lane Johnson talks social distancing workout recovery, Netflix's 'Tiger King'

Eagles right tackle Lane Johnson is social distancing himself in his adopted home state of Oklahoma, and he's staying in football shape in the most country way possible.

Johnson shared a few normal work out scenes earlier this spring on his Instagram:

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But with the coronavirus pandemic accelerating in the past couple weeks, he's had to adapt - as he told former Eagle Chris Long on an episode of Long's Green Light podcast:

We have access to a gym around here, we get it in. But today, we weren't allowed to go to the pool, so we had to go to a lake around here and get that cold water, muddy water, so we did that today for recovery. And, yeah. That's about all there is to do down here.

Johnson often makes Oklahoma sound like a lawless country paradise. It's good to know he's staying fit, no matter the hurdles.

The Eagles right tackle's appearance on Long's podcast was actually focused on talking about Netflix's new buzzy documentary, "Tiger King", which takes place in Oklahoma just a short drive from where Johnson lives.

The documentary, about a crime-tangled big cat zoo owner named Joe Exotic, sounds ridiculous, so Long asked Johnson whether it was an accurate representation of the Sooner State. Johnson didn't disappoint:

LJ: I'll tell you what, when I got done watching it, I felt a lot better about myself. We can start there.

CL: It's not far from where you live.

LJ: No, it's probably an hour and a half, maybe.

CL: You can go to that zoo tomorrow, if it weren't for the pandemic.

LJ: Yep.

CL: So... talk to me about the people of Oklahoma

LJ: Um, well, you know here in the state, not a whole lot's talked about. Only thing there is to do is go to OU football games. And stare at oil rigs. And you can go to the WinStar Grand Casino and make you a couple grand down there. That's about all the crowd we have, to be honest. As you can see from the video, there's a lot of misfits in there, and I think that's what we are: just a bunch of misfits. 

I'll be honest: I don't know if I need to visit Oklahoma. But if I do, I'm finding Johnson and sticking with him.

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Lane Johnson makes bold prediction for Eagles vs. Cowboys in 2020

Lane Johnson makes bold prediction for Eagles vs. Cowboys in 2020

The offseason is the best time for football players to get bold, and Eagles offensive lineman Lane Johnson leaned right in to that plan on Thursday.

During an appearance on FS1's 'Undisputed' with Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe, Johnson was asked point blank by Bayless if he would guarantee a pair of Eagles wins over the Dallas Cowboys this season.

Johnson didn't blink:

BAYLESS: So, will you guarantee two Eagles victories next year over the Dallas Cowboys?

JOHNSON: Don't ask me dumb questions. I mean, hell yeah.

BAYLESS: Hell yeah? I like that.

You can watch the exchange, which begins at the 6:05 mark, below:

Johnson is one of the most enjoyable football players in the NFL, and I'm not surprised he guaranteed the wins. It's mid-February! No one cares, everyone is focused on the NFL Draft, and this is funny.

Plus, that's the whole point of a rivalry. You'd better be confident you can beat the team your fans hate, or else. 

Doug Pederson tried the same thing last season, but he walked the (possible) guarantee back, and then the Eagles got smoked in Dallas.

Luckily, we don't have to worry about Johnson walking his comments back. This is pure, unfiltered Lane.

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Lane Johnson says one awful Eagles game made him shave his head for good

Lane Johnson says one awful Eagles game made him shave his head for good

Lane Johnson is officially in offseason mode, and he kicked off Pro Bowl week - which he's now officially part of - by showing up on former teammate Chris Long's podcast and shooting the breeze for an hour.

The duo bantered about plenty, from dealing with failure and ego as football players, to Johnson's time as a grave digger. About halfway through, Johnson offered up a seldom-heard explanation for his hairstyle, or lackthereof.

Johnson, of course, famously keeps his hair short (read: nonexistent) on top, and keeps his beard long. He explained to Long that it took some serious self-reflection, and a couple rough games early in his rookie season, to officially start shaving his head:

I was in college, it was my senior year, and my friend goes, 'Bro, are you f***ing losing your hair?' I said, what are you talking about? Then I went to the mirror, and I'd clearly been in denial for some time. I said, 'Bro, this s*** is terrible.' 

So I played with it my senior year, it was bad. I'd comb it over, wear my hats, feather it out in the back, try to look cool. Then I got to the Eagles, and after getting bull-rushed by Dwight Freeney and giving up three sacks to Justin Houston, I just shaved that s*** off. I've been a different man ever since.

The Eagles, you might remember, lost in Week 2 that year to Freeney's Chargers, and then lost in Week 3 to Houston's Chiefs, to fall to 1-3. They went 9-3 the rest of the way, a startling and fun turnaround. I'm not saying it's all thanks to Johnson shaving his head... but maybe?

That's about as good a reason as I can think of to make a hairstyle change. Johnson has been one of the best right tackles in the NFL since he started shaving his head, so maybe he's on to something. He spends very little time focusing on his hair, and plenty of time focusing on his game.

When you go back and look at Johnson with hair, it's... extremely jarring:

Johnson is basically unrecognizable in that video. He looks like a child! Thank goodness for Freeney and Houston shellacking Johnson as a rookie, or he might still be clinging to that brutal hairdo.

Maybe Johnson should've floated this idea to the Eagles' coaching staff years ago. Who knows what a haircut could've done for Nelson Agholor?

You can listen to, and watch, the full conversation between Johnson and Long below:

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