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Lane Johnson calls out a CBS Sports senior NFL writer on Twitter

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Lane Johnson calls out a CBS Sports senior NFL writer on Twitter

They never learn. 

After a season of avenging their underdog label, the Eagles still can’t catch a break. According to the opinion of CBS Sports senior NFL writer Will Brinson, the defending champions may not even make the playoffs this year. 

On CBS Sports HQ, Brinson listed several 2017 playoff teams that he believes will not have repeat postseason appearances, with one of them being … the Eagles. What?

He claims “it’s the NFL, things change quickly.”

Brinson also cites the Eagles’ struggles with injuries as well as coaching changes as his reasons that the team will not appear in the 2018 postseason. 

His full explanation is below. 

Make what you will with his comments, but we’re hoping he’s wrong. Certainly, the internet had an issue with Brinson’s theory, especially Lane Johnson.

Brinson was quick to respond, but in our minds, the damage is done. 

Here in Philly, we relish the underdog title and look forward to pulling out the receipts from this conversation during the 2019 Eagles parade down Broad Street.

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Eagles players thoroughly enjoyed Baker Mayfield owning Colin Cowherd


Eagles players thoroughly enjoyed Baker Mayfield owning Colin Cowherd

Baker Mayfield wasn't universally praised before being drafted into the NFL. Much of the criticism surrounding him was somewhat flimsy, however.

Take Colin Cowherd for example -- speaking of guys who are not universally praised lol. He's still grasping at straws.

Cowherd had Mayfield on his show and pointed to a clip in which the quarterback tossed a touchdown and ran over to celebrate with the Ohklahoma band and student section instead of his teammates. Cowherd pointed to it being an example of Mayfield lacking... something?

Mayfield wasn't having it tough and responded in fantastic fashion. Watch the exchange below.

Plenty of people on Twitter thoroughly enjoyed the exchange; a couple of Eagles players among them.

Chris Long liked it. Lane Johnson loved it. Somebody else presumably wanted more of it.

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Lane Johnson not pleased with ranking on NFL's top 100

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Lane Johnson not pleased with ranking on NFL's top 100

Lane Johnson had a breakout season in 2017, holding down the right tackle spot for the Eagles on his way to his first Pro Bowl and All-Pro honors. 

And he even made the NFL Network’s Top 100 players list, which is voted on by players. 

All the way down at No. 95. 

“Obviously, I think it’s a joke to be honest with you,” Johnson said on the Mike Missanelli Show Friday afternoon. 

That’s when fill-in co-host Eytan Shander interjected: “Good it is a joke. You were robbed.”

Johnson, 28, is considered by most to be the best right tackle in the NFL and there will likely be plenty of the guys he shut down during last season on the list ahead of him. 

“Yeah, but that’s alright,” Johnson answered. “Better luck next year. That’s what they tell me. I think it’s just … there’s so many great players, it’s hard to put them in order. I guess just being on there is cool. Hoping next year, I’ll be a little bit lower on the list.”

Johnson isn’t the only Eagles player who might have a beef with where they’re slotted on the list. So far, the bottom 50 have been revealed and the Eagles have four players so far: 

68. Zach Ertz 
69. Fletcher Cox
95. Lane Johnson 
96. Malcolm Jenkins  

Johnson also talked about a few other topics on Friday shows, which was co-hosted by Shander and Geoff Mosher. He mentioned that he’s obviously hated in Boston and loved in Philly for his comments about the Patriots. 

He also talked about his relationship with Jason Peters, becoming a more vocal leader, and, of course, this …