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Former Villanova stars trash national radio host for bad tweet

Former Villanova stars trash national radio host for bad tweet

What is the upside to a tweet like this?

Villanova wins the national championship game, kids are in a state of euphoria, but you gotta fire out this hot take, right, Doug Gottlieb?

Gottlieb has been a national radio host for years with a focus on college basketball. After a nice career at Oklahoma State, he played overseas then went into broadcasting. 

Like many in this field, he's morphed over the years into a loudmouth troll with a Twitter account.

His tweet last night was not received well by a few recent Villanova stars.


A little background.

Rick Brunson, Jalen's dad, is a Temple alum and former NBA point guard. In 2014, Rick was charged with sexually abusing a massage therapist. He was later acquitted but not before it cost him a job at his alma mater.

When Rick was set to be employed by Temple, the widespread belief was that his son Jalen would eventually play for the Owls. Instead, Jalen went to Villanova and already has one of the most accomplished college resumes of any point guard ever.

As for Jenkins bringing up Gottlieb's past, he's referring to a 1996 incident in which Gottlieb, then at Notre Dame, was charged with stealing other students' credit cards. He was kicked off of the team.

He has enough money these days to not have to steal credit cards, so now he's just sending out bad tweets.