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Embiid receives prestigious — and hilarious — award

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Embiid receives prestigious — and hilarious — award

Joel Embiid has garnered plenty of accolades during his young NBA career. However, the Sixers’ center earned perhaps his biggest honor yet on Wednesday.

Embiid was given the Shaqtin' A Fool Midseason Award for Worst Moment of the Season.

Yes, that’s a thing.

As you likely know, former NBA great Shaquille O’Neal has a segment during TNT’s “Inside the NBA” that highlights blunders made by current players.

Embiid found himself in the crosshairs thanks to three spectacularly blown dunks during the first half of the season.

“I want to thank Shaq for acknowledging me for missing three dunks in a game as a 6-11 guy,” Embiid said in a video. “But I just didn’t have my legs that day. Next time.”

We're not sure which is funnier: Embiid's missed dunks or him trying to pass for 6-foot-11.

Shaq compares Embiid-Simmons duo to a young Penny-Shaq, calls Sixers 'must-see TV'

Shaq compares Embiid-Simmons duo to a young Penny-Shaq, calls Sixers 'must-see TV'

The Philadelphia 76ers had a rare contest on national television last night, which is a bit of a blessing and a curse. Sixers fans miss out on the great calls of Marc Zumoff and have to deal with the ramblings of Reggie Miller during game action, but we're also treated to Kenny Smith, Charles Barkley, Ernie Johnson, and Shaquille O'Neal giving their zany takes during breaks.

We didn't get a ton of Sir Charles' views last night but Shaq weighed in with a very interesting comparison for the Sixers' young studs.

"Chuck said it at the beginning of this year, I didn't believe him," Shaq said. "But the Philadelphia 76ers are must-see TV right now. I'm looking at the chemistry of Simmons and Embiid, it reminds me of a young Penny and a young Shaq."

If anyone would know, it's Mr. O'Neal.

But Shaq isn't the first to make the comparisons to those old Magic teams. Markieff Morris of the Washington Wizard said similar things after going up against the Sixers a couple of weeks back.

"I think Embiid and Ben Simmons can be like Penny and Shaq," Morris said.

"Dominance is the thing I'm talking about more than the game. Of course, they've got different games but the dominance is being shown by both of them," he said.

I think both Morris and Shaq are right. It's more about the duo's dominance and chemistry than the actual style of play. Shaq was more brute force whereas Joel has some handle and finesse with "soccer feet" as Brett Brown likes to say.

The young duo are still trying to find ways to put it all together. Despite having impressive individual performances last night, they couldn't out-duel a relatively weak Lakers team

Sir Charles and Shaq made things personal last night and it was fantastic

Sir Charles and Shaq made things personal last night and it was fantastic

Shaq always has the trump card -- and by that we mean championship rings -- to throw in Charles Barkley's face. But with that said, Sir Charles is probably a much better trash talker and therefore has a superior mouth to defend himself with and throw barbs back in Shaq's direction.

The mouthy duo got into it a bit last night and it teetered between fun and lighthearted and a little personal.

Shaq attacks Chuck for only playing in one NBA Finals and therefore not really knowing what he was talking about. Charles claps back at Shaq for having ridden Kobe and Dwyane Wade's coattails. 

During an NBA playoffs that has been mostly boring, at least these two can still entertain us.