Joel Embiid attempts bicycle kick at neighborhood soccer game in Cameroon

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Joel Embiid attempts bicycle kick at neighborhood soccer game in Cameroon

One of my favorite Brett Brown quotes about Joel Embiid from a few years ago is that he's "Shaquille (O'Neal) with soccer feet."

We've seen Embiid show off those soccer skills he developed as a youngster in Cameroon long before he ever picked up a basketball.

But Embiid put together two of his favorite pastimes over the weekend for one amazing video: soccer and crashing a local pickup game.

Embiid has become rather infamous in the Philly area for crashing random people's pickup games at local playgrounds. So when he traveled to Africa recently to play in the NBA Africa Game and the locals there tend to play futbol, Embiid joined in their festive games.

Footage has appeared on the Internet of Embiid playing with some locals in his native Cameroon. It's as cool as you'd expect, except for this one move Jojo attempts to pull off ...

One of Embiid's trainers for the summer, Drew Hanlen, took time away from fixing Markelle Fultz's shot to play some footie with him at the neighborhood game and shared the footage to his Instagram.

Now, there is perhaps no person in professional sports I find more likeable than Joel Embiid. He's got a rare combination of elite skill and an incredible personality that makes him easy to root for in Philadelphia. All of that said, Jo, buddy, what in the world are you doing attempting a bicycle kick? Perhaps he's got elite soccer skill and he can attempt a bicycle kick with ease. But he can't defy gravity. That 7-foot-2 body has to come back down and land on earth. Please be safe while you're having fun out there. The city of Philly needs you.

Good effort though. Think he's playing too many soccer video games TBH.

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Does Joel Embiid really think he's better than LeBron James, Kawhi Leonard?

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Does Joel Embiid really think he's better than LeBron James, Kawhi Leonard?

Joel Embiid is having quite the summer; dunking on scrawny random guys around Philly, destroying Mo Bamba, but also failing to recruit LeBron James to join the Sixers.

But who cares about that last one? Embiid certainly doesn't.

Embiid "literally did not really care" that the Sixers came up empty in their star-hunting efforts, he told ESPN on a press conference to promote the NBA's annual Africa Game.

LeBron? Kawhi? Who cares. Embiid seems to believe that he's already better than them. Yes, you read that right. 

"I want to be better than those guys that were mentioned, if I'm not already better than them," Embiid said.

You gotta love that confidence.

Sure, Embiid is already one of the best bigs in the league, but he believes he still has room to grow. And with his first healthy offseason in a looooong time, he's finally able to focus on getting better rather than rehabbing.

"I've already gotten so much better. It's just about working on everything, perfecting everything," he said. "Like when it comes to my three-point shot or the ball handling, which was a problem. I feel like I can do it, but I just need to be consistent."I don't think it matters, big free agent or not," he said. "My goal going into the offseason was to get better.

"I want to win the MVP. I feel like at the end of the day it might be an individual award, but when I play better, the team also does. I feel like if I'm an MVP candidate or if I win the MVP, that means we are on another level."

Embiid is perfectly content missing out on the bevy of free agent superstars, allowing the Sixers' young stars — along with Ben Simmons and Markelle Fultz — to grow into dominant NBA players.

With LeBron moving out West, the East is wide open for the Sixers, who figure to be even better with the promise of a healthy Fultz.

"We have a great group of guys. A lot of guys coming back," Embiid said.

"Last year, we won 52 games. This next year is going to be even much better with the addition of Wilson Chandler. I expect Markelle [Fultz] to be back to himself."

We'll get our first glimpse at the new Embiid this Saturday when Team Africa takes on Team World in the Pretoria, South Africa. 

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Joel Embiid is having a blast dunking on fools while in Africa


Joel Embiid is having a blast dunking on fools while in Africa

Joel Embiid may miss the challenge and trash talk that comes with meaningful basketball but he's living his best life this offseason.

Following up his trip to Paris to visit the site of Beyonce and Jay Z's recent music video (pictured below), Embiid is currently gearing up for the third NBA Africa Game that will take place on Saturday in Pretoria, South Africa. You'll be able to watch the game at 11 a.m. EST on ESPN2.


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Embiid will play on Team Africa representing his home country of Cameroon. There are also community events honoring Nelson Mandela's legacy all week leading up to the game.

Thanks to the NBA's Twitter account, we have concrete proof that JoJo is both having a blast and dunking on fools while over in Africa.

Bismack Biyombo to be more specific.

This below video is exactly how I'd expect a Joel offseason video to go: dunk on fool, then proceed to play zero defense.

Some other highlights include Joel with one of the best to ever hoop, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.