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Similarity Travis Kelce sees between Eagles' Super Bowl LII team and Chiefs' Super Bowl LIV team

Similarity Travis Kelce sees between Eagles' Super Bowl LII team and Chiefs' Super Bowl LIV team

Travis Kelce is about to play in his first Super Bowl but it’s not the first time he’s been around the biggest game in the sport. 

The Chiefs' tight end, and brother of Jason, was around the Eagles’ run to Super Bowl at the tail end of the 2017 season so he has an idea about what the week is like and what it takes to win it all. 

And Kelce, speaking to reporters in Miami, said he sees one big similarity between the Eagles in Super Bowl LII and his Chiefs that will play in Super Bowl LIV: 

I was out there in Minnesota. It was a very unique situation because I got to see it almost second hand and really kind of in the background of the Eagles, asking my brother everything that was going on that week. 

“It was unique how tight of a team they were, how their chemistry ... they just felt like a brotherhood, even from the outside. You could just tell how tight-knit that group was. With that being said, I think this team has the exact same feeling going into it. How much we appreciate each other and have fun on the field with each other and make sure we’re doing the right things so we’re accountable for each other.

There was definitely something special about that Eagles team that played in Super Bowl LII. It’s probably a bit much to call it a team of destiny, but that team had a special feel to it. And a big part of it is because of how close they were. 

In some sense, it shouldn’t be too surprising to see an Andy Reid-led team have a similar feel. The atmosphere around the 2017 Eagles was created in part by Doug Pederson and his coaching staff. Pederson wanted his guys to have fun, he wanted them to be themselves. And, of course, Pederson is a protégé of Reid. Both men are known as players coaches. 

As of early this week, Travis Kelce said he hadn’t yet asked his older brother about tips for Super Bowl week or playing in the big game. Jason was at the Pro Bowl with his family and baby daughter, so Travis wanted to give him a chance to enjoy himself. 

But Travis said he does plan on chatting with Jason soon. He wants to ask for tips about some things he might not know about playing in the big game, anything that will give him an advantage on Sunday evening. 

For now, how tight-knit the Chiefs are certainly won’t hurt. 

“Everyone is just enjoying their time, being themselves,” Kelce said. “I love this team more than any other team I’ve ever been on, man, because it’s that much more fun.”

Sound familiar? 

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Jason Kelce got hilariously pranked by his brother Travis

Jason Kelce got hilariously pranked by his brother Travis

Travis Kelce teamed up with Bleacher Report's Adam Lefkoe to pull off a pretty good prank on his older brother Jason.

The setup is Jason signing a bunch of memorabilia for a charity auction prior to Travis' fashion show.

They put a white Kansas City Chiefs jersey in front of the Philadelphia Eagles center and send a server with a tray full of red wine over towards him. The kicker is that the jersey is allegedly signed by legends like Michael Jordan and Jerry Rice as well as entertainers like Justin Timberlake.

The waitress proceeds to spill a ton of red wine all over the jersey and throws the blame Jason's way.

"He kind of moved and knocked it out of my hand," she said.

"There's no way that just happened," Jason adds.

Dude takes it in stride. He's a pro's pro.

Travis Kelce reveals Jason's new custom Super Bowl bling


Travis Kelce reveals Jason's new custom Super Bowl bling

Jason Kelce was in the news yesterday for saying he and his Eagles teammates are still a bunch of hungry dogs and that a repeat is the new goal.

In case you didn't believe him, his brother says there is concrete proof that the underdog thing isn't going anywhere anytime soon.

As long as he doesn't lose his new Rolex.

Jason's brother Travis, an outspoken tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs, was a guest of Desus & Mero to talk about a whole lot of stuff. Naturally, his world champion brother came up.

Travis was in Minnesota for Super Bowl LII and got to watch his brother reach the pinnacle. Travis was also somewhat in awe of the bling his bro got himself to commemorate it.

"He got the [underdog] mask engraved in the [Rolex]. The thing is, my brother doesn't do anything. He's like a caveman. So for him to come out of nowhere and get a Rollie with that kind of... I was just like 'WHAT'."

The Ohio native also has some LeBron takes.

"If there's one city I think he would go to, if he does go somewhere it'd be either Philly or New York," Kelce said.

You can watch the entire wide-ranging interview below.

*Warning* There is plenty of adult language throughout the entire video below **