5 thoughts on Eagles' Dorial Green-Beckham trade

5 thoughts on Eagles' Dorial Green-Beckham trade

1. Dorial Green-Beckham has the potential to be special.

That isn't overstating it at all. At 6-foot-5, 237 pounds with 4.49 speed, Green-Beckham could be a matchup nightmare, particularly downfield and in the red zone. There was evidence of game-changing ability last season with the Titans, where he hauled in 32 passes for 549 yards — an outstanding 17.2 average — and four touchdowns in 16 games, but only five starts as a rookie. As DGB's playing time increased, his numbers improved, with a pair of 100-yard games and two scores over the final five weeks.

The best part is he's only 23 years old. True, he needs to get stronger and focus on running better routes. There are concerns about his work ethic. He's a raw prospect overall, playing just two seasons at Missouri before declaring for the NFL. Seeing as he is so young though, there's still a lot of time for DGB to mature and develop. If he capitalizes on his opportunity, he could become a perennial 1,000-yard receiver for the Eagles for the better part of a decade.

2. But there's a reason the Titans gave up on him.

It's impossible to overlook the fact that another team traded and essentially gave up on a 2015 second-round draft pick after just one season for Dennis Kelly. Nothing against Kelly, who's looked adequate at best in 15 career NFL starts, but he's a backup offensive tackle. DGB is a possible Pro Bowl talent.

Green-Beckham's troubles aren't exactly a secret. Multiple marijuana-related arrests, while a silly crime, suggests future run-ins with the NFL's drug policy are a potential hang-up — he's compared to Browns wideout Josh Gordon in one scouting report. There was also an alleged role in a burglary in which DGB was accused of pushing a woman down a set of stairs, and while no charges were filed, it was enough to get him kicked off the football team at the University of Missouri. That sort of incident is not minor, and again could get him into trouble with the league, or outright released by the Eagles.

None of which even speaks to questions of DGB's work ethic or how he fits in the locker room, things only the Titans are truly privy to. There probably wasn't any one thing that led to his being ushered out of town, but the fact that he was traded at all is a red flag in itself.

3. Nelson Agholor is failing to make a push.

I've been critical of Agholor's development during camp, ranking him fourth on my wide receivers power rankings and writing his stock was down after he was a non-factor in the preseason opener, and I certainly wasn't alone. It's clear the coaching staff isn't blown away with last year's first-round pick either, or the Eagles probably wouldn't have felt the need to look for help in the first place.

While it might be too soon to label Agholor a bust, he is just about out of excuses. A high ankle sprain may have been partially to blame for an uninspiring 23-catch, 283-yard season in 2015, and to be fair, rookie wide receivers don't always set the world on fire. He didn't have much of an opportunity to gain a rapport with Sam Bradford last season either with the quarterback being limited during training camp and preseason. But what's the story in Year 2? It almost feels as though Agholor isn't even part of the offense. He too is only 23, so don't write him off completely, but expectations are not going to be high for this season.

4. Rueben Randle a goner?

That seems to be the buzz among some reporters anyway. Coaches haven't exactly given the veteran wideout glowing endorsements in recent days, and for as many great catches as I've seen Randle make this summer, he seems to follow them up with plenty of drops or lackadaisical moments. This is in line with criticisms of the former second-round pick after four years in New York, which led to the Giants' opting not to re-sign him despite several productive seasons.

The Eagles could release Randle at relatively little cost, so it isn't unlikely. Then again, that might not be wise. While he's made his share of bonehead mistakes, he's simultaneously looked like the second best receiver at camp behind only Jordan Matthews. Not yet knowing how Green-Beckham will fit in would make most GMs a little hesitant to dump somebody with Randle's ability. Of course, his ability has never been the problem, so take any praise for what it's worth.

5. Let's not ignore Dennis Kelly and the situation at right tackle here.

Okay, so DGB represents a low-risk/high-reward solution at wide receiver and shakes up a depth chart that's thin and low on high-end talent. The question is will it be worth potentially weakening the depth along the offensive line?

For the time being, it's easy to say yes. That's because Jason Peters is healthy and Allen Barbre can fill in at right tackle while Lane Johnson is serving what looks like will be a 10-game suspension. However, should Peters or Barbre get hurt, suddenly the options at tackle get a little scary. That would mean Matt Tobin or fifth-round rookie Halapoulivaati Vaitai are in the game, neither of whom instill a ton of confidence. Kelly isn't exactly a wall either, but he acquitted himself well in two starts last season and without a doubt represented the Eagles' best option coming off the bench.

Now Kelly is gone, and while DGB has undeniable ability and is a great prospect for a maligned receiving corps, there's no guarantee he's a significant upgrade. The trade certainly has a chance to, maybe not blow up in the Eagles' faces, because Kelly isn't that important, but create some immediate short-term problems if just one more thing goes wrong on that O-line, as it always seems to do. That's not to say they shouldn't have struck this deal — it seems obvious — but there is at least a chance it works out poorly.

What water ice flavor are you?

NBC Sports Philadelphia

What water ice flavor are you?

Wooder ice is a personality trait and no one can tell us otherwise. 

Here in Philadelphia, we don't mess around when it comes to our declarations of love for our favorite foods. And we take it quite seriously which type of food aligns with our personality traits as a result. 

So we're giving you the chance to determine what *wooder ice* flavor best suits your personality with this extremely scientific quiz. 

Pick some iconic Philly places, players and more to determine your flavor. 

A deep investigation into all the Philly sports references in The Office

NBC Sports Philadelphia

A deep investigation into all the Philly sports references in The Office

I have invested a great deal of time in binge-watching NBC’s The Office on more than one occasion, with the most recent instance taking place during this period of quarantine.

One of the best aspects of the show, is its location — its proximity to the city we know and love. 

According to Dwight K. Schrute, Dunder Mifflin’s Scranton branch is only a 30-minute trip to Philadelphia if you drive 240 miles per hour — which to be very clear, we don’t recommend. 

So it’s really no surprise that the characters have often discussed things that we hold near and dear to our hearts in this city: cheesesteaks and Philly sports. 

In fact, we have compiled a list of 20 mentions, references, and reminders of Philly sports across 19 of the show’s 201 total episodes. 

S1E1: Pilot


Meet Ryan Howard.
I’ll leave it at that. 

S1E5: Basketball

The lack of Sixers t-shirts during the matchup between The Office versus The Warehouse was quite disappointing, but this absolutely incredible find made up for it: a mask eerily similar to Joel Embiid’s mask in the 2018 playoffs and a Mike Scott.


Foreshadowing two greats, perhaps?

S2E3: Office Olympics

If you look closely, you’ll notice a Mike Lieberthal bobblehead on Dwight’s desk. A nod to the Phillies, right? Sure. But the reference goes deeper than just the red and white pinstripes. 

Mike Lieberthal’s full name is Michael Scott Lieberthal. Mind blown? 


S3E23: The Job

When interviewing for a job at the corporate office, CFO David Wallace jokes around with Jim about his candidacy for the position because he’s a Sixers fan. Clap your hands, indeed, Halpert.

S3E18: The Negotiation

Jim’s then-girlfriend complains about his priorities, saying, “You would rather sit on your couch and watch a Phillies game than go out to a movie with your awesome girlfriend.”

What is the issue here, exactly?

S4E9: Local Ad

Jim shows Pam Dwight’s profile in the game Second Life when she notices that Jim gave his character a job as a sports writer in Philadelphia. 

Careful what you wish for, Beesly.
S4E15: Night Out

Ryan Howard pretends to be The Big Piece at a club.
Again, just going to leave it at that.

S4E16: Did I Stutter?

Ryan calls Jim into the conference room to ask the question we Eagles fans hate: Why?

Well, he really asks “How?” but you get the point. 

S5E18: Blood Drive

Kevin Malone recaps his worst breakup, saying, “We were reading the paper and I said, ‘Oh my God, I think the Eagles could clinch the NFC East.’ And she said that we’re done.” 

The Eagles, of course, had some fun with that: 

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Like if you’ve always believed. #FlyEaglesFly

A post shared by Philadelphia Eagles (@philadelphiaeagles) on

S6E6: Mafia

This one was a sneaky one. Jimbo has made it pretty clear that he’s a Philly sports guy, but his love spreads as far as the Arena Football League, too. If you look closely at his desk when Kevin “moves in” during the Halpert honeymoon, you can see a football with what looks like the AFL logo on its side. Philadelphia Soul fan, huh?

S7E8: Viewing Party

Jim changes the channel during the company’s Glee viewing party.

S9E1: New Guys

In an effort to become friends with one of the new guys, Pete, Jim asks if he’s a fan of the Phillies. After a couple of *coughs* stupid answers, Pete says he’s a Red Sox fan.


S9E2: Roy’s Wedding

During the car ride back from Roy’s wedding, Pam tells Jim about a past plan to surprise him with Sixers tickets for his 30th birthday. Jim, already knowing about the gift, laughs with his wife about her mistake of buying courtside seats to an away game in Phoenix. 

An away game nowadays? With their record on the road? Dodged a bullet there.

S9E3: Andy's Ancestry 

At the end of this episode, Jim tells Pam that he’s accepted an offer at Athlead, a sports marketing agency in Philadelphia.

S9E10: Lice

Kevin, Darryl, and Jim talk about the Sixers during their lunch break. 

Later in that episode, Jim has a meeting with Sixers legend, Julius Erving. 

A little 1-on-1 with Dr. J? Sure, no biggie.


S9E14: Vandalism

At the 11:10 minute mark, the Philadelphia Flyers show up on the bottom of this presentation board on the bottom right corner at Athlead, the first reference we could find regarding the Flyers in any capacity. 

Additionally, there are quite a few Eagles names on here, inlcuding Nick Foles,  Jason Kelce and Kurt Coleman and even Andrew McCutchen, though it would be prior to him joining the Phillies of course. 

S9E18: Promos

Ryan Howard (yes, THE Ryan Howard) has a meeting at Athlead with Jim and Darryl. During their conversation, he shares his screenplay for “The Big Piece.”

The other Ryan Howard even sent him a special video message during his retirement ceremony at Citizens Bank Park in one of the greatest crossovers we have ever seen.


S9E20: Paper Airplane

Jim gets a call from a colleague over at Athlead and asks if they’ve heard back from Phillies pitcher Cole Hamels yet. 

S9E21: Livin’ the Dream

The last mention I noticed came from the final season’s 21st episode. Jim is once again trying to connect with Pete, saying “Go Phillies, right?” before realizing Pete stinks and doesn’t watch the beautiful game of baseball.

There you have it, all of the mentions we could find in this show regarding Philly sports, except the Flyers, which we are still unsure if Halpert is a fan of or not. 

And before anyone gets spicy and feels the need to tell me how bored I must have been for doing this, just remember, you’re the one reading this.


We also unearthed this deleted scene that references The one and only Answer at 1:48 in this clip below.


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