Admit it, you thought the Sixers were going to win that game

Admit it, you thought the Sixers were going to win that game

OK, I'll start: I believed the Sixers were gonna escape the Wells Fargo Center with a win last night. 

LOL what team have you been watching the last four seasons? Yeah, yeah. Not wrong, but c'mon: They were up seven with the ball and under 90 seconds to go. They had Joel Embiid, Robert Covington, J.J. Redick, Ben Simmons and [coughs while talking to make name audible] on the court, and Philadelphia's greatest superhero since Oates ready in reserve to jump in and save the day at a moment's notice. They won a game already. Process to progress, right? Right? 

Well, looks like the more things change, the more things actually maybe didn't really change that much hahahahaha you actually thought things had really changed? The Sixers went scoreless for their final five possessions, the Rockets cobbled together a layup, a goaltend, a free-throw and a buzzer-beating triple, and a stunned WFC crowd is probably still struggling to find the energy to walk to their cars. 105-104 Rockets, 1-4 Sixers, why why why why why. 

So instead of the things we should be talking about this morning — i.e., T.J. McConnell is Eric Clapton, Joel Embiid is new Dirk as well as new Hakeem, life with wings who can shoot is like getting broadband after a decade of dial-up — we're swapping the same predictable homilies about Needing to Learn How to Win and Not Blaming Brett Brown for Everything. Could be worse, and significantly less predictable: We could be talking about how Markelle Fultz has an excess of (and/or desperate need for) fluid in his right shoulder, and how he may miss "the next three games" (Sixerspeak for sometime between a month and forever) while we figure out which it is. We'll get back to that one soon enough, surely. 

I mean, whatever. Yes T.J. should have been in that game on the last defensive possession, yes it's dumb that they called that goaltend on Embiid, yes Jerryd Bayless made at least three plays terrible enough to merit a moral loss on their own, yes it's weird that the Sixers seem to have a gravitational pull towards late-game offensive collapse, yes this entire situation with Fultz feels like the Sixers actively inventing an early-season crisis because none befell them naturally. BUT: Joel Embiid, Ben Simmons, Robert Covington, J.J. Redick and T.J. McConnell. I will not blame myself for daring to believe that things will soon be good, because they soon will be. They have to be. 

In the meantime, Dallas in Dallas on Saturday. Don't be too mean with that mid-range, JoJo.

Blue Jays bullpen overhears apparent breakup, tweets to offer help

Blue Jays bullpen overhears apparent breakup, tweets to offer help

There’s nothing like taking the person you love to a baseball game on a sunny, 80-degree night in Philadelphia. Unless you just so happen to break up with that person, in public and loud enough for the entire Toronto Blue Jays bullpen to hear you.

Looks like you’ve got a chance to make up and get an outside opinion from several members of a professional baseball team!

If you happen to know this couple, let them know that the Blue Jays are looking for them and a happily-ever-after ending could still be in reach.

If not, there’s always "The Bachelor."

Joel Embiid throws down playground dunk on poor soul

Courtesy of @FeliciaRicci Twitter account

Joel Embiid throws down playground dunk on poor soul

Where's Waldo?

How about Where's JoJo?

It's always awesome when Joel Embiid pops up around the city.

Let's be honest, it's hard to miss the Sixers' 7-foot-2 big man.

Like the time he was playing ball on the playground by Pat's and Geno's. Or the time he was just casually going for a run through the Philly streets.

Embiid was back at it Friday, hoopin' on the blacktop and dunking on a poor fella that had zero chance but gave good effort. According to the Twitter account @FeliciaRicci, who captured it all, the park was near Whole Foods on South St.

And later in the evening, Embiid was clearly tuning into Game 6 of the Cavaliers-Celtics Eastern Conference Finals series. He had some fun on Twitter, of course, stemming from a tweet he sent out earlier in the week.

Not a bad way to kick off the holiday weekend for Embiid.