Allen Iverson talks GOAT, the Process, and giving away a Bentley


Allen Iverson talks GOAT, the Process, and giving away a Bentley

Allen Iverson wants you to know he's just a regular dude.

Yes, a regular dude who once gave his rookie teammate Larry Hughes one of his Bentley's just because he could, but still, regular.

And you know what? I kind of believe him.

Iverson took to the Player's Tribune today to share some of the things he's been thinking about these days as a 43-year-old retired ball player.

Spoiler: A.I. doesn't want to talk about practice, OK.

Allen loves to draw, loves movies, loves his former coach at Georgetown, and he wore baggy clothes when he was a star because that's just what he wanted to wear.

Things get interesting when A.I. weighs in on the greatest of all time debate. No shocker here, but Allen calls his former foe "Black Jesus himself," so it's no surprise where he lands: "Mike is the GOAT……. Mike is always going to be the GOAT."

Allen also weighs in on the current state of the Process and "his little dudes." It's not the way he did things back in the day, but A.I is trusting.

Those boys are winning now, I’ll tell you that. Those boys are winning, those boys are building something, and those boys are CRAZY crazy talented. More talented than we were in ’01 and those teams? Yeah — yeah, you know what, I’d say so. Joel and Ben and Jimmy…. that’s a Big Three, man. That’s a Big Three for the present and the future. It’s a moment in Philly now, for sure. And I’m loving every moment of being a part of it.

Let's just hope the 2018-2019 Sixers don't wind up against Kobe and Shaq in the playoffs.

The whole piece is refreshing in an A.I. sort of way. Philadelphia fans hear from him from time to time around the Wells Fargo Center but it's nice to hear Allen talk about what Allen wants to talk about.

Is it possible to be a regular dude who gave away a Bentley just because? Most would guess no. But people don't always have the right answer.

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Report shows how disgusting stadium food really is

USA Today Images

Report shows how disgusting stadium food really is

Here’s a great reason to make your own food at home. ESPN’s Outside the Lines collected data from more than 16,000 food-safety inspection reports from 111 venues in America and the results are kinda gross. 

Citizens Bank Park, Lincoln Financial Field and the Wells Fargo Center were right in the middle in terms of what the study found.

According to the report (see full report), which was done from 2016-17, Spectrum Center in Charlotte, N.C., home to the Charlotte Hornets was the worst in terms of health department violations and Oracle Arena, home to the Golden State Warriors, was the best among the 107 stadiums ranked. The Wells Fargo Center was ranked 48th, Lincoln Financial Field was ranked 54th and Citizens Bank Park was 64th.

Despite all of the violations found, 73 of the 107 stadiums were actually as good as or better compared to eateries in the surrounding community, so there's that.

So, what did the health inspectors find?

At the Wells Fargo Center, 51 outlets were inspected with 16 high-level violations that included finding fruit flies in the front serving prep area, mouse droppings in a concession storage area and raw animal food stored above ready-to-eat food in a cooler.

At Lincoln Financial Field, 96 outlets were inspected with 32 high-level violations found. Among them, the violations include having dairy products in the owner’s suite measured at 12-degrees too hot, mouse feces were found on the floor in a dry storage area and additional mouse droppings were found behind a beer cooler and behind an ice machine at a concession.

At Citizens Bank Park, 101 outlets were inspected with 43 high-level violations found. The violations include food being prepared on top of a trash receptacle, employee food, beverages and belongings mingling with food items at a concession stand, presenting a possibility for contamination and pink slime found in the ice maker and hair in the ice bin, as well as mouse droppings on the floor where pizzas were stored.


If you’ve ever worked in the food industry, you know that some nasty things happen in the back, but when the issues are put right in front of you, it just feels that much more gross.

That being said, I’m still down to grab a cheesesteak or some fries at a game if I’m hungry, no shame.

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Around the NFC East: Dallas earns right to lose home playoff game

USA Today

Around the NFC East: Dallas earns right to lose home playoff game

The Eagles just weren’t good enough.

Sure, they were good enough to beat the injury-wrecked Washington squad and the suddenly-hot Giants. Alas, they weren’t good enough this season to beat Dallas AND the refs combined, and as a result, the division will almost certainly have a new leader for the fourteenth consecutive year.

Just a friendly reminder: the last time Dallas won the NFC East, the Eagles won the Super Bowl the very next season. These are facts.

Here’s what’s happened, and what’s happening, in the NFC East:

New York Giants (5-8)

ICYMI: This was the vision every ill-informed Jersey resident had in August; a high-powered offense beating teams into submission. Tragically, despite a 40-16 victory over their rivals (leading 40-0 in the third quarter), the Giants were officially eliminated from NFC East contention when the Iggles fell in overtime.

Spin: Four wins in their last five games would be noteworthy if they hadn’t gone 1-7 to start the year. It’s like if Blackberry came out with a touchscreen in 2018, or trying to schedule a meeting through John Kelly; too-little, too-late is putting it mildly.

How bad is this organization? They’re even bad at TANKING. They’re making that Hinkie-lifestyle look tricky. With five victories on the year, the Giants aren’t even in contention for the top pick. They’re the NFL’s Washington Wizards.

Also, winning so easily without Odell Beckham Jr. will almost certainly empower AM-radio callers blabbering about the Ewing Theory. 

What’s Next: A few more useless victories to damage their draft capital. 

Washington (6-7)

ICYMI: As if having Mark Sanchez as your starting QB wasn’t mortifying enough, the Washington Football Team got humiliated at home by an over-the-hill quarterback missing one of the top offensive weapons in the game.

Spin: This season ended the second The Sanchize stepped on the field. That doesn’t make Sundays result any less shameful. Getting dismantled at home to a basement-dwelling division rival is an embarrassment of the highest level for a franchise that could teach a Masters course on embarrassing itself. Even if Jay Gruden runs the table the rest of the way, it’s impossible to imagine the 5th-year head coach with one playoff appearance and zero victories keeping his job.

What’s Next: The Josh Johnson Era.

Dallas Cowboys (8-5)

ICYMI: Powered by referee-incompetence and 45 minutes of general-malaise from the Iggles offense, Dallas won in overtime to (essentially) clinch the NFC East despite three awful turnovers from Dak Prescott, whose play is about as inspiring as a baked potato.

Spin: Anyone who owns a Dallas Starter jacket will tell you this season was proof of Jason Garrett’s brilliance, Jerry Jones incomparable leadership, and the reality that Ezekiel Elliots suspension was the only thing stopping them a year ago.

That seems a stretch. 

Despite the Birds replacement-level secondary, a short-week/long-week advantage, and the fact that the Iggles QB is still LESS THAN A YEAR REMOVED FROM ACL SURGERY, the Cowboys needed overtime to knock-out their division rivals. Their vaunted O-line has crumbled, the mediocre quarterback did just enough to lock himself in long-term, and the organization is still run by a GM-for-life with two playoff victories the last twenty years. Good luck with that.

They did, however, win the Amari Cooper / Golden Tate trades. There’s little argument made against that.

What’s Next: A first-round knockout at the hands of Seattle, then four More Years of Dak and Garrett.

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