If you're anything like us, you can't get enough of this Collargate story.

You can read our take on what it all means from this morning. Not a lot has changed since then.

The Ringer did, however, post a podcast featuring the author of the original, incredible piece, Ben Detrick, to walk through the whole process with host Chris Ryan. You can listen to that below.

Much of what is discussed is a simple rehashing of what is in the article, but there are some new-ish nuggets to digest.

The three other accounts that the Sixers weren't initially asked about, and when they went private, is of particular interest. Detrick said he was watching them all while initially waiting for a response from the Sixers and describes what that was like.

"I would say in a 15-, 20-minute period, at least while I was watching, the [other three accounts] went down [to private]," Detrick said. "That was the exact same time that Bryan Colangelo was notified by the Sixers' representative."

That all took place last week. The Ringer staff then worked on the story over the last week and went back to the Sixers Tuesday with the details of the full five accounts, including screenshots of some tweets.

"Then we asked for a statement. Then we waited. Then we waited some more," Detrick said. "Then we got the statement acknowledging the 'phila' account is Bryan Colangelo's and disavowing the other accounts."


Does the 15 to 20 minutes have any significance? Should it have happened within less time? Does it mean one person had to communicate with multiple people to make changes to accounts? Nothing is really made clear by having more information.

It's all incredibly puzzling.

You can listen to the full podcast below. Make of it all what you will. The Sixers are taking it all seriously enough to launch an independent investigation into it.