If Sixers fans hold a protest but no one is there to see it, did it really happen?

With bellies full of Yuengling and hearts full of hatred, three ... count em, three ... Sixers fans took to the Sixers practice facility in Camden Monday morning to protest until the Sixers fire Bryan Colangelo for his alleged involvement in the use of burner Twitter accounts. 

Organized through Reddit, the all-day gathering promised a lifetime of glory and legendary status in Philly sports lore. 

"Just image in the future you're sitting with your grandchildren," the post states. "You can tell them the story of how you got BC fired, which led to (insert GM name) being hired. This got LeBron to Philly, and thus the sixers won the championship in 2019. This is a greater impact than any other fan has ever had on a professional sports team ever. You can really help the sixers win the NBA finals next year! If that's not worth a vacation/sick day, I don't know what is! If your boss won't give you the day off, tell him to find a new slant!" 

The post boldly claims, "we'll be there until he's fired."

Anything to get out of work, I guess. 

If you can't make it — we don't blame you — you can do your part and sign the rapidly growing petition to fire Colangelo here.