Just how tall is Ben Simmons? Nobody seems to know for sure.

Ben himself reportedly told 94 WIP's Jon Johnson that he had grown two inches since the Sixers drafted him and is now a staggering 7-feet tall.

But Brett Brown was asked about that report on Saturday night before the team's loss to the Bucks and shot it down pretty firmly. He is still listed as 6-foot-10 on the team's website.

You can watch that exchange above.

Brett was asked if Ben Simmons has grown two inches to now be a 7-footer?

"No. He is not," Brown said.

Has he grown an inch?

"I don't believe so. I feel like I shrunk an inch."

"I can feel comfortable saying, 'No.' He didn't grow to 7-feet. I wish he did."

So maybe there isn't something in the Gatorade over at the Camden training facility after all. 

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