Brian Dawkins is back with the Eagles.

He also had a secret to reveal when sitting down with Comcast SportsNet’s Quick Slants crew on Monday.

He removed his midnight green bucket hat.

Nothing but shininess. A bald Eagle.

So, what happened to the hair, B-Dawk?

“I guess I equate it to boxing,” he said. “When you’re younger, you’re ahead, you’re really getting after people. As you get a little older, you start protecting yourself. So I was fighting the good fight, but my hair kept leaving on me. So I just got tired of getting punched in the face by my hair thinning out and it was time for me to shave it off.”

He just had to clear it by one person.

“I asked one individual, was she OK with it?” Dawkins said. “The boss, my beautiful wife, she said she was OK with it and there you go.”

Comcast SportsNet Eagles reporter Derrick Gunn provided some comfort.

“I have one thing to say,” Gunn said. “Welcome to the club.”


For the video of Dawkins' funny revelation, watch above.

The entire Dawkins interview will air during Tuesday’s edition of Quick Slants, which starts at 6 p.m. on CSN.