Eric Hartline / Dave Zangaro

Brian Westbrook comments on Jay Ajayi wearing No. 36

Philadelphia Eagles fans seemed pretty thrilled on Tuesday as the Birds traded for talented running back Jay Ajayi.

But not everybody was thrilled when they saw Ajayi's jersey selection when he first practiced with his new team on Wednesday.

That's because Ajayi opted to wear No. 36 with the Eagles -- a number not worn on this team since the great Brian Westbrook played for the Birds. Those are some big shoes to fill.

While many fans raised their eyebrows at the selection, B-West himself chimed in on Twitter. He didn't seem pleased!

"That's my jersey! I want it back!," he tweeted, adding an "LOL" to point out he's just having some fun with it all. But he probably is still a little bummed.

Westbrook is certainly in the list of best Eagles running backs to ever put on the green jersey. But is No. 36 worth retiring? I'd lean probably not.

Still, it's certainly an odd site to see No. 36 on someone elses shoulders.

We may not see No. 36 on the field this Sunday, however, as the Birds will wait and see how Ajayi does in practice this week and how quickly he picks things up before making a decision for the Denver game.