Is Bryan Colangelo primed to lure LeBron James?

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Is Bryan Colangelo primed to lure LeBron James?

King James in Philly?

And for more than just two games a season?

What seems like a dream might have some feasibility to it.

Bryan Colangelo will apparently give it a shot in going after LeBron James, who can hit free agency after this season if he declines his player option with the Cavs.

Per USA TODAY's Jeff Zillgitt, executives around the league believe the Sixers' president of basketball operations will attempt to ink the four-time MVP.

Now, of course, what franchise wouldn't try for James? Any of the 30 teams in the league with an inkling of a chance will do their due diligence if James hits the market.

However, we do know this:

• Colangelo is not one to shy away from making bold moves/acquisitions (i.e., trading up for the 2017 No. 1 draft pick, bringing in JJ Redick and other veteran free agents).

• The Cavs are aging and James turns 33 years old in December, so he may be eyeing the final destination of his career — an up-and-coming team with multiple years of contention in store.

Zillgitt reported in July that James grew frustrated with the Cavs' offseason decisions and efforts, which included a shakeup in the front office.

• As we all know, James and Sixers star rookie Ben Simmons are tight. They are both represented by the same agency (Klutch Sports Group) and James has enjoyed mentoring the 21-year-old. Simmons also shared a fun tweet at James during July, a day after Zillgitt's report surfaced.

• There has always been a mutual appreciation between James and the city of Philadelphia. In November 2015, James hit the career 25,000-point mark at the Wells Fargo Center, eliciting a standing ovation from Sixers fans. "Obviously, they’re Sixers fans to death, but they know and respect the game of basketball," James said then. "To get a standing ovation for reaching that milestone, it was very special."

• And, finally and maybe most importantly, the Sixers have the cap space to go after James, as Zillgitt notes in his article.

This season still needs to play out and the Sixers already have the city abuzz as the process' promise comes into focus.

Imagine LeBron James joining the movement? Sounds like Colangelo is at least picturing it.

Super Bowl champs showed up to ESPYS in style, including a 'Philly Special' homage

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Super Bowl champs showed up to ESPYS in style, including a 'Philly Special' homage

The Super Bowl champs showed up to the ESPYS in style on Wednesday night out in Los Angeles.

Nick Foles may have taken home the hardware for best performance in a championship — with a heck of a speech to boot — but it was the Eagles' secondary who won best dressed.

Or maybe just most outrageously baller. Tough to tell these days.

I mean, just look at what Rodney McLeod wore. Purple. No shirt.

The Green Goblin wasn't far behind. Personally, I liked Jalen Mills going with a vest that still showed off his tat.

And then there was Malcolm Jenkins adding a bit of class to the group.

But the sartorial flair that won the evening may have to go to former Eagle and current member of the Chicago Bears Trey Burton, who kept the "Philly Special" close to his heart.

And shouts to Jake Elliott and his hat just because.

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Are 2018 Eagles better or worse at quarterback?

Are 2018 Eagles better or worse at quarterback?

The one area the Eagles made no major changes from last season is at quarterback. Carson Wentz returns from injury. Somewhat surprisingly, Nick Foles was retained and even signed a contract extension. Nate Sudfeld remains in the fold as well.

The cast may be the same, but with Foles returning to the bench as a Super Bowl MVP, will the Eagles be better or worse off in 2018?



When Foles took the reins last December, he had barely played or practiced since 2015, his hellish season with the Rams – and, initially, it showed. But after what the 29-year-old signal caller accomplished in the playoffs, does anybody believe Foles is lacking for confidence now? Anybody still wonder whether he’s comfortable running the Eagles’ offense?

Foles is better prepared to take over for Wentz or start Week 1 than he was this time a year ago. So, too, is Sudfeld, who will benefit from his first camp with the team after signing last September, as well as his first NFL game experience in Week 17 against the Cowboys. QB2 and QB3 are both in a better place now, which is remarkable, but true.


Greater sense of uncertainty

Until the trade deadline comes and goes in October, there’s always the possibility Foles is traded this year. Obviously, there would be some drop-off between the Super Bowl MVP and Sudfeld, a third-year player who’s thrown 23 career passes, should that come to pass.

For now, that’s not the case, but is something to keep an eye for awhile yet.

The same

Nick Foles

Despite everything that’s happened – the winning, the newfound notoriety, going back to the bench, a so-called quarterback controversy, trade murmurs – the one thing you can count on is Foles’ demeanor. He may have questioned himself on the football field at one point in his career, but he’s in a place now where he knows what he’s capable of and his value to the Eagles.

Foles also hasn’t changed much as a player since his historic, breakout campaign in 2013. As long as the offensive line can keep him upright, and he has talented weapons to distribute the ball to, this is somebody that can win you a lot of games in the NFL. There’s no longer any disputing that.

The unknown

Carson Wentz’s knee

Wentz has looked so darn impressive in videos and on the practice field, it’s easy to fall into the trap that his surgically repaired knee is fine, everything is fine. Despite raising the question here, he’s probably better prepared to overcome a torn ACL than some past Eagles quarterbacks who struggled with the recovery in the past – namely Sam Bradford and Donovan McNabb.

Still, more passers than not have come back and looked less than 100 percent in their first season removed from the injury. And many of them had more time to recover than Wentz, who only went down in November.

We don’t even know for sure if Wentz will be cleared to play Week 1. It seems likely he will be, but it’s far from definite. Until he’s playing in actual NFL games, and back to looking like the 2017, MVP-caliber version of himself, all of these concerns give folks some pause before assuming the Eagles would immediately be better off with Wentz under center.

Better or worse?

Fortunately, the determination doesn’t rest solely on Wentz here. A comfortable and confident Foles and the developing Sudfeld should give the Eagles a marginal lift at quarterback. And even after sharing a pile of concerns about Wentz, eventually, possibly sometime in 2018, he will be fine, making Wentz-like escapes and ice-in-his-veins third-down conversions. In fact, if Wentz Is miraculously fine for Week 1, he should still be improving heading into his third season.

Now that’s something BETTER to look forward to.

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