The Bryan Colangelo saga has reached Philly billboards


The Bryan Colangelo saga has reached Philly billboards

The Sixers' investigation into the strange Twitter accounts connected to Bryan Colangelo has reached the billboard stage.

What’s with the NBA community and billboards anyway?

At least one person is attempting to turn the ugly situation into a positive. And that person is a PR guy. Of course.

His name is Brian Hart and he runs Flackable, a public relations and digital marketing agency headquartered in Philadelphia. He claims to be a lifelong Sixers fan and his dig at Colangelo is clearly a ploy to get people to talk about his PR firm. Mission accomplished, I guess.

The friendly PR firm also wrote up a press release to make our jobs easier:

“The digital billboard display is visible to drivers going eastbound on I-76 near Passyunk Avenue, just two miles from the Wells Fargo Center. The display reads, ‘#WOODERGATE: That is NOT a normal collar. Move on, Sixers, find a new GM.’”

“Before launching this campaign, I posted a poll on Twitter asking fans if I should do it,” Hart said via his own press release. “The poll received 1,087 responses, with 96 percent agreeing I should run a billboard in an effort to push out Mr. Colangelo. That’s how strongly this city and fan base felt about sending a powerful message to the organization.”

Billboards. Protests. Video games. Riots. What’s next?

Hopefully we’ll find out the fate of the investigation by Wednesday so all of this mess can be put behind us.

You can see an image of the billboards contents below.

Brent Celek would rather retire than play for Cowboys

Brent Celek would rather retire than play for Cowboys

Need another reason to love Brent Celek?

Probably not — the standing ovation he got at the Sixers game in March just hours after being cut by the Eagles gives you a sense of the connection he has with Philadelphia fans.

But appearing Friday on 97.5 The Fanatic, Celek did the one thing guaranteed to get you in any Eagles fan's good graces — diss the Cowboys.

"Hell no. Do you think I would play for the Cowboys? Philly is my home," Celek said. "If they offered me 10 million, I still wouldn't go."

While Celek said back in March before being cut that he wasn't planning to retire, it sounds like his mind has shifted. He has a hard time imagining himself playing anywhere besides Philadelphia.

"I think I'm leaning more toward retirement," Celek said. "I've had a few offers, but none of them are worth leaving a city that I have been in for 11 years where I won the Super Bowl in my final year. It wouldn't feel right to put another uniform on."

Like seeing Brian Dawkins in a Broncos uniform, it would be bizarre to watch Celek suit up for another team. 

If he does find a new home, we know it definitely won't be Dallas. 

You can listen to the full interview with Celek here

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Mets pitcher records 1st MLB hit off Scott Kingery, jokes on social media

Mets pitcher records 1st MLB hit off Scott Kingery, jokes on social media

When someone gets a bloop single or a broken bat hit, they’ll often say “it looks like a line drive in the box score.” Does the same apply when your first major-league hit came off Scott Kingery lobbing pitches over the plate?

Thursday, in the midst of the Mets' 20-run victory, the Phillies used position players to record the final nine outs of the game. Roman Quinn pitched first and regularly registered in the upper 70s with his offerings, but Kingery on the other hand …

In the eighth inning, Mets reliever Jerry Blevins was called on to hit for just the fourth time in his 12-year MLB career and he delivered with an RBI single off the soft-tossing rookie infielder. 

After the game, Blevins took to social media to make a joke about his first hit.

Mets fans had some fun with the moment, too.

While Dodgers fans, just didn’t get it.

The Phillies went on to win the second game of the twin bill, aided by a solo home run from Kingery. The Phils also gained a half-game on the Atlanta Braves in the standings, so we can have a laugh at this one.

Congratulations, Jerry, it’s a line drive off Kershaw in the box score.

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