We’ve got a classic head vs. heart situation here. Which do you believe?

Bryce Harper played his final home regular season game of 2018 last night in Washington, D.C., and was met with standing ovations in each of his plate appearances. He has openly stated that he’d love to be back playing for the Nationals, but does this Instagram post mean anything?

Harper posted the mosaic with the caption “To the fans and the city of DC, thank you!” on each photo.

What does it mean?


Bryce Harper is absolutely leaving the Nationals, would never sign for them again even if they offered him every single piece of cash in the Washington Mint. Not only that, he’s coming to play for the Phillies and they’re going to win the World Series.


Harper has played seven seasons with the Nationals and is genuinely appreciative of the fan support he received from the time he was a 19-year old rookie. While he remains committed to testing the free agent market, he's not ruling any landing spot that fits his financial and competitive needs, including returning to Washington.


Would Harper really post something like this and actually mean something drastic behind it? No. I think Harper is still going to ask teams, including the Phillies, to make him an offer he can’t refuse and he will sign in the location that makes the most sense.

Fans will always put stock into these types of things, though, as long as social media exists.

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