The Mike Trout and Carson Wentz bromance took it to the next level on New Year's Day in Philadelphia. They're now giving each other presents.

After Carson threw a pretty ball to Zach Ertz for a touchdown to give the Eagles a lead in the third quarter over the dallas Cowboys, Wentz got the ball from Ertz and ran over to hand it to season ticket holder and Los Angeles Angels outfielder Mike Trout.

This after the duo spent some time over the Christmas holiday hunting together in New Jersey.

Wentz has been in the giving spirit as of late, gifting some hunting weapons to his offensive linemen as well. Let's hope he gives one final gift to Eagles fans today, a win over the Cowboys. The Eagles hold a 17-13 lead late in the 3rd quarter at the time of this posting.


Wentz could have been returning the favor after Trout treated Eagles players to a fresh pair of Nikes for Christmas.

Wentz was aked afterward about his New Year's Day present to Trout.

"We had talked about it," he said. "I just wanted to get him a football. Kind of funny."