Carson Wentz had special gifts for the Dutch Destroyer's family after Eagles win

Carson Wentz had special gifts for the Dutch Destroyer's family after Eagles win

By now you've likely seen the truly emotional and touching story of Lukas Kusters, also known as the Dutch Destroyer, and his unique relationship with Carson Wentz. If you haven't seen it yet, go get a box of tissues ready and give it a watch

Well after the ESPN piece aired over the weekend, the Kusters family was at the Linc for the big Monday Night Football game against the Washington Redskins and met with Wentz prior to the game and got a special gift after the game.

Not only was Wentz still wearing his Dutch Destroyer bracelet, he also gave the family the ball from his touchdown pass to Zach Ertz in adittion to the hat off his head.

"They're just a special family," Wentz said after the game. "It's impacted me in a big way. I was thrilled that they could be here. The youngest one, that was his first Eagles game. So I told him he better keep coming back."

"It's always nice to have him on my wrist. It's a constant reminder that it's so much bigger than football."

There's no denying the magic of Carson.

You can listen to Carson talk about the Kusters in the above video.

Eagles vets give rookies some bad, hilarious haircuts


Eagles vets give rookies some bad, hilarious haircuts

These Super Bowl champions sure do know how to have fun … at the expense of the rookies.

The Eagles veterans on Tuesday took to social media to showcase their hazing of the team's rookies. Don't worry, it's not the bad kind of hazing. Except if you think bad haircuts and no eyebrows are cruel.

We're going to let the haircuts do the talking.

You can watch more of the Eagles' barbershop here.

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Eagles fans troll Patriots fans again with billboard outside Gillette Stadium

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Eagles fans troll Patriots fans again with billboard outside Gillette Stadium

The Eagles swear they've moved on from Super Bowl LII, but fans? Yeah, that's never going to happen.

With the Super Bowl rematch just two days away and the Birds heading up to Foxboro, Massachusetts, Eagles fans are making sure the Patriots and their fans remember who won the Super Bowl just a few months ago.

Gina Lewis, a Massachusetts-based Birds fan, erected a billboard at the intersection of Route 1 and North Street, which is about one mile outside of Gillette Stadium.

So folks driving to Gillette Stadium from Boston, and even up from Philly, will see the billboard as they head to the Eagles-Patriots preseason game Thursday.

In terms of billboards, it's not exactly the prettiest. The idea was fantastic, but the execution could have been better. The notion that Patriots fans will have to be reminded that the Eagles beat New England, 41-33, in Super Bowl LII is brilliant.

That's not a knock on the person who designed the billboard, though. Jordan Spector is a Philadelphia-based artist who designed the billboard.

The original text on the billboard was supposed to be: "No one likes us and we don’t care." But the billboard company forced them to change it.

To be fair to Spector, the actual design of the billboard is crisper than the one that went up. You can support Spector's work (you should because art is fun) here.

Some background as to how the billboard came to be a thing. Back in June, Lewis tweeted this:

It doesn't appear the coworker came through on his promise, but that doesn't really matter. Lewis started a GoFundMe, which remains active, to raise the $5,000 to pay for the billboard.

After it reached its goal, the GoFundMe remains active and the next $5,000 will be donated to Carson Wentz's AO1 Foundation. At the time of this posting, it's raised $6,530 out of its $10,000 goal.

If you're obliged to donate, you can here.

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