As we all saw on Sunday, to the surprise of many, Carson Wentz isn't perfect.

He finally threw his first interception in the NFL and lost his first game while quarterbacking for our Philadelphia Eagles.

It was a shock to the system and a minor bump in the road on the Wentz Wagon's ride to Legend Town.

But that was *days* ago and we have new stories to toss into Wentz-lore alongside him watching game film under the dinner table on a date with his girlfriend

Let's call this one Anti-Shady. contributor Mike Greger traveled to North Dakota to see what the Wentz Mania there was really all about. People are Carson'd Up, for sure.

The scene was Fargo watering hole and restaurant Herd & Horns which is known to show Eagles games as well as North Dakota State Bison games. Wentz had a small gathering there during the Birds' bye week.

The place has become pretty synonymous with Wentz these days. ESPN and NFL Network have both broadcast from there. And Wentz held a private party in their back room last Saturday night, right after watching his alma mater roll to a 31-10 win over Illinois State. The party was a low-key affair, but waiters and bartenders were still swapping stories days later.

"As I was waiting on him, I had to look up. He is so tall,” said Rachel, a junior at NDSU who works as a server at Herd & Horns. "He was very humble, especially as a guest. He didn’t treat anyone like they were below him or anything.”


(In case you're wondering, Wentz picked up the entire tab, $1,000 and left a $500 tip. He was whisked off by his cousin in a 1996 Chevy pickup truck. No frills.)

Add "good tipper" alongside "future Hall of Famer" to Carson Wentz's bio.

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