You ever watch HBO's Veep? Pretty funny show. If you haven't, there's a theme in the most recent season where former President Selina Meyer starts a foundation and then just starts adding random causes onto its mission statement. I believe it ends up being "The Meyer Fund for Adult Literacy, AIDS, the Advancement of Global Democracy, Military Family Assistance, and Childhood Obesity."

Anyway, Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz announced on Tuesday that he's starting the "Carson Wentz AO1 Foundation" which has a similarly disparate group of goals.

The Foundation will be a nonprofit organization whose mission is "to demonstrate the love of God by providing opportunities and support for the less fortunate and those in need.”

It makes sense that Wentz, such a religious fellow, would start such an endeavor. Good on him. Here are the three main objectives:

Service dogs: To support youth in the Philadelphia area by providing service dogs to assist with their development and quality of life

Hunting and outdoor opportunities: To provide hunting and outdoor opportunities for individuals with physical challenges, the underserved and military veterans living in the Midwest


Underprivileged youth: To care for and provide food, shelter and educational opportunities for underprivileged youth living abroad

We were mostly kidding about the HBO comparison but you have to admit that is a somewhat odd mix of goals. We applaud Wentz on his efforts.

You can read more about his efforts here.