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Connor Barwin had conflicted feelings about Eagles winning Super Bowl

One of my favorite aspects of the Eagles finally winning the Super Bowl was the feeling among Philly fans that this 2017 Birds team won it for all of the players to put on the green uniforms before them.

The current Super Bowl champs even paid homage to some of the Eagles all-time greats to pave the way before them as they rode down Broad Street.

But what about more recent guys who played for the Eagles as recently as last season and had to watch as a player still in the league who got beat by the Birds? What was watching this championship like for them?

GQ caught up with former fan favorite and generally great citizen of Earth, Connor Barwin, to get his feelings on watching the Eagles win it all. He was somewhat ambivalent. 

After they won, “I was in a weird state for a couple of days,” he said. It was two opposite feelings: “I was kind of bummed out that I wasn't part of it.” But he was also happy for his friends on the team, and for the city, where he still mostly lives in the offseason. After a few days feeling sorry for himself, he watched the team’s victory parade on television, and saw how happy everyone was, and exhaled. “I was like, man, I'm over any personal weird feelings I'm having. I’m just happy for everybody involved”—even guys like me, barging into his home in barely concealed glee over something that ultimately didn’t have much to do with him.

Birds fans may remember Jason Kelce chilling on Barwin's deck out in Malibu, California just days after his legendary speech on the Art Museum steps. Barwin spoke with him and Brent Celek about their experience. Not a lot was all that different aside from some good luck.

“What was most interesting to me about what they said was, there was nothing that happened this year that made them such a better team. There wasn’t this special motivator or something. But Celek said it was so weird this year because all season, any time they needed to make a play or they needed the ball to bounce their way, it just did.”

So there you have it, Birds fans, sometimes you just need some good old fashioned football gods looking down on you.

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