Who doesn't love a good tale about a Dallas Cowboys fan being inconvenienced?

That's apparently what happened Tuesday over at the NovaCare Complex where the Eagles had a morning session of training camp.

Ed Kracz, a beat reporter for the Bucks County Courier Times, posted a photo of a fan rocking a No. 88 Cowboys jersey and later followed it up by saying, "Fan in #Cowboys jersey told to leave or take it off. Team policy. Said it would be the same if it were any other team jersey too."

Poor guy.

We asked the Eagles about it and they said it's not technically an official team policy, it's more of a common courtesy thing for people who were invited to training camp at the NovaCare Complex not to wear opposing team's gear as it could be viewed as disrespectful. Fans in attendance today were guests as the practice was not open to the general public.