Cowboys reportedly one of many teams to pass on Jay Ajayi

Former NFL GM Michael Lombardi, President of the Doug Pederson Fan Club, spoke about the Miami Dolphins shopping Jay Ajayi to the entire league this week prior to eventually sending him to the Philadelphia Eagles.

Lombardi specifically mentioned the Dallas Cowboys as a team who passed on the talented running back.

“[The Dolphins] shopped Ajayi to every team," he said. "The Cowboys had no interest. Everybody’s worried about the knee — whether his knee is going to be good enough. There are times you see him burst and he looks the same but there are times where he doesn’t look like the same Jay Ajayi.”

Doesn’t sound like there was a ton of interest.

While Eagles fans seemingly loved the move, there were plenty of valid reasons to be concerned.

The conversation took place on The Ringer’s “GM Street” with Bill Simmons. You can listen to the Eagles chatter around the 56-minute mark.

Making the Ajayi trade wasn't Lombardi's only knock on the Birds.

“I think the Eagles hurt themselves out of Joe Staley,” Lombardi said. “Fletcher Cox broke his orbital and I think that really created a problem and they couldn’t trade him at that point.”

He also touched on his Doug Pederson hating when pressed by Simmons but didn’t really back down.

“I think Carson Wentz is playing way better than I expected. Now if you want to give Doug Pederson credit for that, go ahead. I think their defense under Jim Schwartz is doing a hell of a job. I’m not being stubborn about this, I just don’t see it with Doug Pederson.”

“Look, are they better than I expected? No doubt,” he said. “I’ll admit it at the end of the year when the playoffs are over. If I’m wrong, I’ll admit it, but I’m going to stay where I am right now.”

That said, he does believe Wentz is the MVP of the NFL at this point. So no update to the Pederson hating, but at least plenty of love for Carson.