Dario Saric is the latest in a long line of Sixers players to bring the heat to social media.

After yesterday's #RTArmageddon that included Joel Embiid owning both the owner of the Bucks and Howard Eskin, Dario came to play in a Twitter takeover on the Sixers' official account today.

Fans asked Dario plenty of questions but the first one he answered was perfect.

"When are you coming over?" the fan joked.

Boom. He said this, of course, from the friendly confines of the Sixers' training facility in Camden, New Jersey. Dario's over, baby.

Dario tells us that he's been working on his three-point shot this offseason, that he hopes to Sixers' young core can be dominant for years, that he likes Croatian music before games, he trusts the process, uses a lot of hair gel, and he hopes to get to a Flyers game this season.


Some other highlights.

His favorite Croatian player ever?

His fave player growing up:

The funniest Sixer? A 3-way tie.

TJ the best player in the clutch LOL:

MJ or LeBron:

He doesn't love "The Homie" nickname:

JoJo's chances with Riri?

And finally, his mustache could use some work: