Did Tom Brady's ex troll him during the Super Bowl?

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Did Tom Brady's ex troll him during the Super Bowl?

Was Tom Brady’s ex, actress Bridget Moynahan, throwing shade at her former beau, or was she just simply enjoying the Super Bowl and stating some facts?

You decide.

Moynahan, best known for her role in Blue Bloods, dated Brady from 2004 to 2006 and gave birth to their son, Jack, who is now ten years old. Brady began dating model Gisele Bündchen shortly after his split with Moynahan, who was pregnant at the time of their split, but her pregnancy was not known until after they broke up.

Here’s her most interesting tweets from the game. First, an observation about how the Birds were looking.

Here’s the tweet that has received the most attention, however. When your ex tweets about the QB on the opposing team in the Super Bowl.

She then later retweeted a post from Nick Foles and a Tweet from The Onion about a fake story that the Super Bowl confetti was made out of “shredded concussion studies.”

While it’s not the bombshell shade people were maybe looking for, if there’s any animosity between the two, and reports are that they remain amicable for their son, it probably felt good to press send on that second tweet.

The Dodgers are now calling Chase Utley 'dad'

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The Dodgers are now calling Chase Utley 'dad'

Dodgers shortstop Kike Hernandez hit a two-run homer off Stephen Strasburg in the fifth inning on Sunday to help spark his team’s 7-2 win over the Nationals on Sunday. 

Then he thanked his dad. 

Not his real one. 

In his postgame interview with SportsNet LA, the 26-year-old thanked his 39-year-old teammate Chase Utley, who is apparently a father figure. 

"After my first at-bat my dad Chase told me to use his bat, and I did, and first pitch I hit a homer,” Hernandez said. “It’s dad’s bat.”

So the Dodgers are now calling Utley dad. Fantastic. 

We've found the 1 thing that scares Joel Embiid

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We've found the 1 thing that scares Joel Embiid

We've found the one thing Joel Embiid is afraid of.

It's not an opposing big man. 

It's water.

We all know Embiid would have no qualms about sliding into Rihanna's DMs, but prior to those pictures, it was difficult for his mates to get him down a slide in the Bahamas. As evidenced by this hilarious video from Sixers minority owner Michael Rubin.

@joelembiid is not a fan of water slides 😂 (@michaelgrubin)

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Hey, as long as he doesn't have to face-up Hassan Whiteside in a pool, the Sixers should be OK.

In all seriousness though, Sixers fans would probably prefer that Embiid stays as far as possible from any type of contraption that could potentially lead to a freak injury.