The Sixers faithful came out to South Philadelphia in droves on Monday night to watch the class of the NBA come through town. The star power of the Warriors certainly attracted some celebrities to the front row of the Wells Fargo Center last night as comedian Kevin Hart was seen chatting it up with the enemy for most of the contest.

Hart actually rang the ceremonial bell before the game got started and has been seen at a couple of Sixers games this season. This was the first one in which he was talking smack to Warriors' big man Draymond Green, however.

Draymond took notice and talked about the atmosphere after the game.

"It's definitely a great energy in this building," Green said. "It's usually like that every time we come here but then you throw Kevin [Hart] in there talking [smack] the whole game, it definitely makes it fun. It's one of those games where it gives you a little added motivation when you've got a guy sitting there talking. I think it's fun for us, it's fun for them, it's good to see them drawing crowds like that after the few years they've had, putting this franchise back together. It's amazing to see."

While the Wells Fargo Center certainly threw Steph Curry off from deep, the lack of rim protection from the Sixers pretty much allowed the Warriors to cruise out of Philly with a win.


USA Today Sports photo

You can watch Draymond speaking about the atmosphere in the above video or Kevin Hart ringing the bell below: