You know what we're not interested in? Hype videos that ask us if we're interested.

Before we rip the Eagles too hard for a kind of lackluster hype video for the 2017 season, we've got to give them credit for the amazing hype videos of years past (2016). It's tough to bring the Brian Dawkins-level of intensity (2015) every single season. And Bradley Cooper isn't always available (2014), we're assuming.

So they've set the bar pretty high.

The Birds posted their 2017 hype video today and the idea is they don't want just "interested" fans, they want "committed" fans. And players. 

Maybe it's the voice-over or the lack of intense music, but it never really reaches the "hype" level we've come to expect.

"Thumb tack," is repeated in an attempt to elicit the emotion of bulletin board material, but it never really gets there.

It's fine. It's a video that could maybe get you pumped for the Eagles upcoming season. But you probably won't want to watch it repeatedly over the next few days leading up to kickoff like in years past.