Philadelphia is a very large city. So if we're talking strictly in terms of probability, there is a good chance there will be a few New England Patriots fans among us this weekend.

But one person who parked their car in Philly today who happens to have a Massachusetts license plate wants you to know they're actually an Eagles fan.

They swear. They even left a nice note.

"I AM AN EAGLES FAN!" the note begins. "I had to register my car in MA when I moved to Boston for school, but I HATE the Pats!"

It then says, "PLEASE DO NOT VANDALIZE MY CAR" in all caps, underlined, and repeated three times.

Finally, it ends, "GO BIRDS."

Yes, go Birds. All day.

Now, if the Eagles win the Super Bowl, we should celebrate like champions and have the time of our lives. Vandalism of any kind is highly discouraged. Now, if we lose, still, don't vandalize. Because that is bad.