Eagles fans give Brady Street in Philly a new name

Philadelphia fans are known for taking street signs down but now we've got a glorious instance of them putting a sign up.

Following the Eagles' wild win over the New England Patriots in Super Bowl LII, a couple of intrepid fans felt Brady Street in the NoLibs section of Philadelphia needed some altering.

You may recall Pats quarterback Tom Brady dropped a pass thrown to him in the big game while eventual Super Bowl MVP Nick Foles caught a pass for a touchdown. The winner was clear. One went on to hoist the Lombardi trophy while the other left without even shaking hands.

So these loyal Birds fans made a wonderful green sign to replace Brady St. with a new, better name: Foles Street.

Our quick Googling shows that the former Brady Street is just off Delaware Avenue and looks small and boring.

You can watch the video above.