Sidney Jones/Twitter

Eagles fans post Instagram photo on player's lost cell phone

Sidney, where's your phone?

Millions of fans lined the roads leading from Lincoln Financial Field to the Philadelphia Museum of Art with cell phones in hand, hoping to capture this once-in-a-lifetime event. That is, most people had their cell phones in hand.

Eagles rookie CB Sidney Jones apparently dropped his phone during the parade and it fell into the hands of some Eagles fans, these Eagles fans, who posted a photo on his verified Instagram.

Sidney Jones confirmed he did, in fact, lose his phone.

Can you imagine the horror Jones probably endured after dropping his phone? Losing your phone for a split second is usually panic-inducing let alone dropping it in the streets around millions of people.

We’re not sure if the fans went snooping in Jones’ phone beyond this photo, but hopefully, this fun viral moment was the only dig into his personal device.

Update: He has his phone back.

Another update: These heroes did not snoop into his phone.