The Eagles' jerseys for Thursday Night Football are boring

Let’s be honest, more often than not, the Thursday Night Football games have failed to deliver on the field. Perhaps it’s the lack of time the teams have to prepare, or the amount of time the players bodies have to recover, but the games haven’t been good.

One thing that typically is pretty cool about TNF are the color rush jerseys the NFL allows their teams to wear. So, when I saw the Carolina Panthers tweet boasting their threads for tonight, I went looking for how the Eagles will suit up.

Yesterday, the Eagles posted their look for tonight’s game on their Twitter account.

That’s it?

The Panthers are wearing their color rush jerseys and the Eagles will be in their fairly standard all-white look.

Now, it’s possible that the Eagles will get to wear something cooler when they’re at home later in the year and the NFL took a lot of heat on a color rush night when the Jets and Bills jerseys were too similar to each other, but for a night we typically get to see some cool look, color me unimpressed.