Oh, man. Oh, man. Ohman, ohman, ohman.


The Eagles' Super Bowl hype video is finally here just a few days before they take on the New England Patriots in the biggest game of our lives.

It absolutely delivers.

The video starts out with Malcolm Jenkins offering some inspiring words to the rest of his teammates. Then it goes to a voiceover done by none other than Bradley Cooper.

"One game. One game. They love to say that it all comes down to one game. Really? They also said our season was over. They said this thing wouldn't crack. They said we shouldn't believe in old Saint Nick."

"One game. We've played plenty of games before. Fog Bowl. Snow Bowl. But there's something different about this bowl. Because this isn't about just moving the chains inch by inch. This is about moving the entire city to tears block by block. One  game? For who? For the ones who line up next to us. The one who introduced this to us. For what? To bring. It. Home."

"This is so much more than one game. This is joy. This is pain. Ths is certifiably insane. One game is all we got. One game is all we need."


Then Malcolm takes it away one more time.

I'm ready for Sunday.