Embiid shows off soccer skills, says he'd make the best pro soccer player in NBA

Embiid shows off soccer skills, says he'd make the best pro soccer player in NBA

Joel Embiid is overseas to attend a soccer exhibition in Wales ahead of the Champions League final tomorrow. Note: ATTEND. Not play.

There was a bit of a buzz yesterday when the Internet learned of Embiid traveling to the soccer match. How could a guy with any sort of injury ever play in a soccer game? Fret not, he's just there in support.

As we reported yesterday, "the friendly match will be played on a floating pitch on Cardiff Bay, the day before the UEFA Champions League final game between Real Madrid and Juventus."

A foreign reporter, G. Gabriel Garduño, caught up with Embiid and actually asked him a few questions about his futbol fandom. Jojo was seen kicking the ball around gingerly but definitely showed off some juggling skills.

Joel says he would be a striker on the pitch as he was growing up and adds that he'd make the best professional futbol star out of all of the players in the NBA.

"I played futbol my whole life so [I play] whenever I get the chance. I got some skills," Embiid said.

Let's hope none of this turns into another Meek Mill episode.

Watch the video above to see and hear from Embiid.

Fan spent 15 hours making incredible Super Bowl art

Reilly Haney

Fan spent 15 hours making incredible Super Bowl art

Is there anyone in Philadelphia that wouldn’t want to relive that unforgettable day on Feb. 4, 2018?

You’ve probably rewatched Super Bowl LII a few hundred times, give or take, but how about reading it on your living room wall?

One dedicated artist, Reilly Haney, decided to spend 15 hours recreating the Eagles’ Super Bowl victory over the Patriots by hand. Haney wrote up this awesome art print using the NFL announcer’s transcripts from the entire Super Bowl. 

Below are some photos of his progress throughout the daunting task.

Now you can read NFL announcers Cris Collinsworth and Al Michaels’ words, even when they were overpraising Tom Brady, in beautiful cursive with arguably the most memorable play, the "Philly Special" in green. 

We know this took an absurd amount of pens and maybe the looming threat of tendonitis, but the artist’s commitment to the cause is admirable. 

If you want to pick up a copy of this awesome 24x18 print for yourself, you can find it on Etsy.

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There shouldn't be debate on whether Carson Wentz plays Week 1

There shouldn't be debate on whether Carson Wentz plays Week 1

When it comes to whether Carson Wentz should suit up for Week 1, there is no debate. Either doctors give the quarterback the green light to play, or they won’t.

Nothing else matters.

Enough with this nonsense the Eagles should give Wentz extra time to heal even if he is cleared to play. At that point, doctors are literally saying he’s 100 percent. He isn’t going to get any more healed than that.

No yeah, but’s. No deep dives into the historical data of ACL injuries. No crying Super Bowl MVP Nick Foles “deserves” to start Week 1. No discussion, period.

This is a decision that will be left up to medical professionals. If they say Wentz is good, that really ought to be enough.

If Wentz’s doctors tell Doug Pederson his franchise quarterback can go physically, but playing so soon after the injury increases the risk of re-injury, then the Eagles have something to think about. If they say the ligaments are as strong as they will ever be, and the health of a 25-year-old’s left knee is in the hands of luck or mystical forces, then there is absolutely zero reason to wait for some arbitrary date.

Naturally, Wentz’s recovery from the torn ACL he suffered in December has been of tremendous intrigue, which has led to tireless coverage. In 2018, tireless coverage results in even more opining, predicting and debate.

The only type of opinion there’s room for is a medical opinion, preferably that of somebody who is directly involved in Wentz’s treatment.

The Eagles have tried pouring cold water on this cycle all along, repeatedly telling reporters over the course of many months there’s a plan for Wentz’s rehab, and doctors will ultimately inform the team when he’s ready.

Yet, we’re a little more than two weeks from the Eagles’ regular season opener against the Falcons, and it seems everybody wants to give their two cents on what should happen.

If Wentz is ready, great. If he isn’t, that’s not a problem, either. The Eagles still have Foles. Obviously, there’s no reason to rush Wentz back.

Except there is no indication the Eagles would do that. If Wentz plays Week 1, it will be because the team’s medical staff is confident he is no more at risk of serious injury than any other human being who steps on the field that Thursday night.

What more do you want?

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