Former Eagles linebacker Emmanuel Acho has elaborated on the vague shots he took at the Eagles, and specifically their medical staff, after they drafted cornerback Sidney Jones on Day 2 of the NFL draft.

Acho on Tuesday night released a lengthy tweet praising Eagles fans but also reminding them that they don't know everything. He also reminds reporters that they don't know much either. 

Acho says he had a "fantastic" time in Philly and has "no hostility toward anyone in the organization." Hmm, OK.

Then he gets to the meat of the matter.  

Acho explains how a difference in opinion about the length of recovery for a given injury can affect the amount of money a player receives in an injury settlement. 

His example — maybe hypothetical, probably not — is a player with an MCL tear. If a team says the recovery time is two weeks, then the injury settlement is based on that, he says, even if another doctor says the recovery time is longer. 

So that's that.

Acho spent three seasons with the Eagles, who released him right before the 2015 season with an injury settlement (he needed thumb surgery).

Here's his full statement: