The Phillies just keep plugging away, winning games, and staying atop the NL East standings.

Nobody must have told the folks over at ESPN, which put together its MLB Power Rankings this week and had the Phillies actually fall a spot.

Its top 10 forgot about the first-place Phillies but included the Atlanta Braves at No. 10.

Philly fans were rightfully upset. The Phils were ahead of the Braves in the previous version of the ESPN rankings, but for some reason, they've now flipped. The Nationals are right behind at No. 12.

But it wasn't just the fans in town who took note. Rhys Hoskins took to Twitter to remind the sporting world of the last time a Philly sports team was the underdog.

Hoskins has taken on a leadership role with the Phils, as we wrote a few weeks ago. There's no longer a need to doubt this team. It has shown it over and over.


"I think we're past the narrative of, 'Are we a good team?'" Hoskins said after the Dodgers series. "I think to be able to take two of three from the Dodgers, take two of three from the Padres as well, I think we're here to stay and it's exciting."

And Hoskins has a point. The Phillies could find themselves with the best record in the NL if the out-of-town scoreboard falls the right way tonight. Then you'd have to include them in the MLB top 10.

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