Fans unearth Jake Arrieta cheesesteak tweet from 2012

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Fans unearth Jake Arrieta cheesesteak tweet from 2012

There’s a saying that the Internet is undefeated. However, the Internet also never forgets.

Any time a player gets drafted or signed to a new team, inevitably, the fans of that team search through the Twitter archives of that player to unearth some sort of post that, years later, can be taken completely out of context. Enter new Phillies pitcher Jake Arrieta, who posted this tweet in 2012 that has aged beautifully and now works in perfect context as he heads to Philadelphia.

Arrieta sent this tweet as a member of the Baltimore Orioles, but the team was not in Philadelphia at the time. The O’s had an off day between home series, so maybe he took a day trip to Philly. Either way, the replies are rolling in to this nearly six-year-old tweet.

Shoutout to this guy, who now owes Arrieta a cheesesteak after this post from last month.

Before you send Arietta suggestions, we have to point out that in his next start after having, presumably, his first-ever Philly cheesesteak, he went only 3.2 innings, allowing eight hits and five earned against a 68-win Indians team.

On that note, where would you send him to get his first cheesesteak as a member of the Phillies?

Chase Utley receives Father's Day gifts from his … Dodgers teammate

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Chase Utley receives Father's Day gifts from his … Dodgers teammate

On May 20, Chase Utley indicated that his Dodger teammates have started calling him dad, so it stands to reason that on Father’s Day, they would come bearing gifts for the oldest position player in the National League.

Utley posted these two photos to his Instagram Story today showing gifts from teammate Kike Hernandez, which includes one awesome T-shirt.

In addition to his fake teammate son, Utley also has two sons, six-year-old Benjamin and three-year-old Max, who got to take part in a very special art project for their dad. Chase gave his sons a pair of white cleats to color on, which he wore for today’s game against the Giants.

They turned out how you’d expect, which is a pretty cool thing for Chase to wear on Father’s Day.

If you can’t get enough cuteness from members of the 2008 Phillies, there’s a video of Cole Hamels having tea with his five-year-old daughter, Reeve, that will melt your heart.

Baseball is a sport that can uniquely bring families together, whether someone is your real dad or just the father figure in the clubhouse.

Cole Hamels having tea with his daughter on Father's Day is ridiculously adorable

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Cole Hamels having tea with his daughter on Father's Day is ridiculously adorable

OK, so the caption of Fox Sports Southwest's video is maybe a little misleading.

"The absolute CUTEST thing you will see this Fathers Day is Cole Hamels having tea with his daughter!" the caption reads.

I'm guessing that, if you're a dad, the cutest thing you'll see this Father's Day is your own kid(s). 

But man, this is an adorable video.

Former Phillie (and 2008 World Series MVP) Cole Hamels and his wife Heidi adopted five-year-old Reeve, one of their four children, from Ethiopia as a baby after she was abandoned at birth, found alone in a field by the police and placed in an orphanage. In the video, she asks Cole a series of rapid-fire questions and looks like she's having an absolute blast hanging out with her dad. So does Cole.

"If you were retired, what would you do?" Reeve asks.

"How 'bout I'd just like to be a dad, would that be good?" Hamels responds.