Flyers give Doug Pederson special send-off

Flyers give Doug Pederson special send-off

The Flyers are sending off Doug Pederson in style.

Before the Eagles head to Minneapolis on Sunday to begin the madness of Super Bowl week, Pederson took in some pucks at the Wells Fargo Center on Thursday night.

Prior to the Flyers-Lightning game, the Eagles' head coach was given his own personalized jersey with signatures from the team. (All pictures courtesy of Flyers PR guru Zack Hill.)

He chatted with the coaching staff and greeted the players as they took the ice for pregame warm-ups. Giroux stopped and shared a laugh with Pederson, as well as offering some good wishes. 

Pederson then came out himself to a roaring ovation and delivered the ceremonial puck drop, which you can watch in the video above.

The Flyers, Sixers and Phillies have all shared tons of support for the Eagles as the team has marched through the playoffs en route to its Super Bowl matchup next Sunday with Tom Brady and the Patriots.

Pederson was rockin' orange and black on Thursday night but the city will be all midnight green leading up to kickoff.

Rocky and Adonis return to Philadelphia in new Creed II trailer


Rocky and Adonis return to Philadelphia in new Creed II trailer

The latest chapter in the Rocky Balboa saga is coming to theatres this Thanksgiving and the trailer for it dropped this morning.

Creed II picks up with Michael B. Jordan reprising his role as Apollo Creed's son, Adonis, coming to grips with fighting someone with the last name Drago — clearly a flashback to his father getting killed in the ring at the hands of Russian Ivan Drago.

Sly Stallone returns as the old and wise Rocky Balboa, dropping knowledge bombs instead of left hooks.

At least part of the movie takes place in Philadelphia, with a skyline shot showing up in the trailer. The first Creed movie had plenty of Philly flavor, so we're hoping we'll get a bit more in the sequel. 

Fan recreates Eagles Super Bowl ring out of sand

Fan recreates Eagles Super Bowl ring out of sand

Here’s another story brought to you by the fact that the Eagles are Super Bowl champions.

Remember that gorgeous ring the team received last week? Well, someone made a replica completely out of sand.

That’s pretty impressive work and it’s awesome to see that Stefen Wisniewski is so proud of his ring that he’s wearing it to the beach. His former teammate and "Philly Special" QB, Trey Burton, is questioning that decision, though.

After the ring ceremony, Wisniewski posted this to his Twitter account, a heartfelt story about what the ring means to him.

The guys on the Eagles just get it. Throughout this journey that brought Philadelphia its first Super Bowl trophy, the players have put the fans first and taken everyone along for this incredible ride. It’s awesome to see a story like this where a Super Bowl champion is so proud to share his new ring with a fan.

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