When it comes to Gritty, we’re all in.

It seems like one of the newest Flyers goalies, Calvin Pickard, is also all in on the Gritty craze.

Pickard unveiled a custom goalie mask on social media Tuesday, created by artist Franny Drummond, with one special element to it.

The helmet features the orange, furry monster’s face on the back right corner of the mask, just under a Flyers logo. It’s straight up incredible.  

Relish in the Gritty glory of the helmet yourself, shared on the artist’s Twitter page ahead of the home opener.

(Zack Hill/Philadelphia Flyers)

Whether Pickard just feels comfortable in his new home in Philly already after a whirlwind journey, or he’s just trying to scare the living daylights out of opponents from the net, it seems like he’s all in on Gritty.

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