If you've ever seen a concert at the Tower Theater, then you know 69th Street in Upper Darby can be lovely this time of year.

I'm not sure what umpire Bob Davidson has against it, really.

The fan who was ejected at Tuesday night's Phillies game apparently made reference to said street and it was part of the reason Davidson ejected him.'s own Jeff Neiburg talked to the ump following the game about the rare instance of a fan getting ejected for heckling.

Here's a shocker: the fan was drunk.

“This guy starts yelling, ‘You suck!’ You could tell he was [drunk],” Davidson said after the game. “And so, all right, suck is not bad. Then he kept it up for two hitters completely.”

After the first pitch to the third hitter, Davidson said the fan screamed, “I own property on 69th street,” which was followed by a statement with the same four-letter word but in a context that Davidson felt crossed the line.

Now, I'm not sure why owning property on 69th Street has any relevance to a baseball game or an umpire, but home ownership is often a good and wise investment if you get in at the right time.

So kudos to the fan for owning a property and kudos to the umpire Bob Davidson who sent said fan home back to that property.


Nobody likes a drunk. But sometimes -- some very rare times -- Philly likes an ump.

It was also a first for Davidson.

“People cheered me, which is unusual in this town for me,” he said.

Here's a bit more of the conversation for reference.